October 13, 2009

Revolutionary Way of Sending Gifts.

Salam. Hi. Are you celebrating something special soon? Want to give a present to someone special, but don't know any creative and unique way to give one? Stop thinking because i have just the solution to your problem. This is a revolutionary way to send presents.


At first, i thought it was A1-08. But, after a closer look, i'm pretty sure it's A2-08. The content : Ferrero Rocher. Amount : 3 . What's A2-08? It's Aristotle Block, Level 2, room No. 08. Where? Here, INTI Nilai.

i snapped this pic using Khairul's phone's camera. Thanks Khairul! (one more thing i can't do freely this week, snap pics) The gift was left on our block's mailbox.(or maildrawer) This is just out of the ordinary! i have never seen this method of giving gifts/presents. And to leave it there to be seen by everyone who passes by, is very BOLD indeed.

Attention to YOU! Yes, YOU! Do you happen to know who stays in A2-08 now? If you do, please ask the fellow resident to collect his "mail" ASAP. Or, do you happen to be A2-08 previous or future resident? You should check that "mail" too. Who knows, maybe it's for you?

So, this method is worth trying. Who knows maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend will love you more for this method of posting. Best of luck! Happy trying!



rumet said...

naseb baek gigi biru berfungsi td...kalu x ...x dapek la nk update blog

Risham said...

tapi gigi biru tu kaler hitam hari ni.
die kene selesema babi kot.

Riezal aka Rezdrake said...

what a creative idea.. thanx for sharing..