October 04, 2009

For Sale : Mazda RX 8

Salam. Hi. I'll get to the Mazda just in a moment. First, let me tell you about what i did today.

Woke up at 7:50 a.m, bathed and went straight to business. Went to MidValley for some reasons. Sorry i didn't manage to complete every business. But hey! The KTM arrived at MidValley at about 10:15 a.m and guess what. It's not crowded! Yeay! But still, there are already people standing, not just near the door, but in the middle of the coach or section too! Which means the KTM arriving at MidValley will never be like an empty can. Sardine can forever.

Then, finished my business there, took a bus to Jalan Pudu. i was looking for something, but... lets just say that i didn't find what i wanted. So, along that Jalan Pudu, i found a shop, at the junction to the back entrance of Berjaya Times Square. Or, rather i think it was the back entrance. The Mazda is put at the very front of the shop, which was very appealing because there was barely a gap between the road and the shop's gate. Here's the details :

Manufacturer : Mazda
Model            : RX 8
Year              : 2004 (quite new, isn't it?)
Status            : Unregistered
Condition      : Pretty well shined and taken care of , i guess.
Price             : RM 158,800.00

Here's some pictures of the car and shop.

The Mazda RX 8 which i've been talking about.(typing about, literally)

The shop at the junction which i believe leads to the back entrance
of Times Square

It's only 5 years and it's in a used car shop already. i wonder why. Maybe the previous owner bought the latest RX 8 priced at RM 233,699.00 without insurance, which i checked here.

Interested? Better hurry before someone else gets it.



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muhammad bin mohamed kamil said...

asri...budak2 inti xde duit nak beli keta nie....kalu keta mazda mainan bole..

Risham said...

hot wheels ke..