August 07, 2008

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Link Market - Free Link Exchange, Link Swap and Link Trade Directory
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Freeware Downloads is specially brought to you by Risham Fikir.
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ClickWhen - automated click using time intervals

Google Chrome - Google's browser

Harry Potter Series - popular book series in ebook

MeeboNotifier - Meebo on your desktop

MiniLyrics - WMP lyrics plugin

Skype - Fast file transfer and VOIP calls

UTorrent - Torrent client

WinRar Unplugged - Portable WinRar

Yahoo Messenger 10 US - Popular IM client

About us

This blog is actually moderated by several people. That's why sometimes you'll see different styles of writings and grammatical errors. But, the moderators use the same account, which explains why the author name for every post never changes.

The big boss for this blog is the guy in the picture above. He came up with the idea of setting up a blog initially just for the sake of channeling some of his thoughts. As the blog progresses, he hired a few people as moderators. Then, this blog became a mixture of several peoples' thoughts and life stories.

The title of Risham Fikir was given by the big boss. Risham is actually a rearrangement of his name,(but not his full name) and Fikir is the name of a character in his first attempt to express his thoughts, which is a short story entitled 30'C.

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Our Products

Sekawan Waja Enterprise
Produk sos cili, tomato dan pencicah yang bermutu tinggi.
Boleh didapati di sekitar Negeri Sembilan buat masa ini.
Akan dihantar ke negeri-negeri lain dalam masa terdekat.
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Prepaid Reload
Program SMS Prepaid Terunggul Dari MYeCASH
Mari kita bersama-sama menjadi usahawan berjaya.
Tak perlu premis atau pendaftaran syarikat.
Mudah dan cepat. Produk pasti jual.
Juga menjual tambah nilai Maxis, Celcom dan Digi.
UMobile dan Happy akan menyusul kemudian.
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