October 07, 2009

Haunted Table

Salam. Hey. Ever loved eating? You should. Why? Eating keeps us alive. It keeps me alive, most important. It helps you grow. That's ---- if you still can grow. But don't be mad if you're not growing enough. Keep trying and never back down.

This is just a random post on makan. Here goes,

Snapped this at dining hall sometime around last week. It was left like that and no one admitted to be responsible for it. Still trying to figure out what's the motive of doing so.

Here's a picture of a table of a restaurant here in Nilai. When my friends and i were waiting for our orders, a couple came and sit at this table. After a while, they left. Not long after, three young men sit at the same table, and not surprisingly, they left too. We made a conclusion that the table is haunted! LOL. Actually, the workers forgot to take their orders. Tired of waiting, the customers just left.

Just now, i ate egg banjo and beef special. i ordered only egg banjo but the burger stall mistakenly added another beef special burger in. So, i paid extra. But hey! Beats the price, i get to eat extra tonight. And now, i'm feeling sleepy and going to sleep.

Hope i'll wake up tomorrow morning fresh. Got class at 8.



wafi said...

taknak cter ke nasi lemak pkcik tu?

Risham said...

lupe lak.
nnt ak buat post baru lah.