October 08, 2009

Woohoo! My camera is here!

Salam. Hi. Recently, i bought a camera online. So yesterday, i went to the General Office to check whether it has arrived or not. To my surprise, i have a parcel waiting for me to collect. i'm also surprised that i was told to get the parcel at the Student Affairs Office (SAO).

Without any further question, i just leave the GO and went back to get the parcel at the SAO. There, the officer asked me, what's in the parcel? i answered confidently, a camera. i was expecting a camera this week. So the officer searched and searched but didn't find any parcel big enough which could contain a camera.

Hm. That's weird. The officer now called his colleague and asked her where did she put my parcel. She said at the usual place. With the other parcels. Which is where he's been looking the whole time! A bit frustrated, he hanged the phone and searched again.

After a while, he found it! Just when the lady whom he called earlier arrived at the office to make sure he finds it. He told me, it's not a camera. Why did you say it's a camera? I replied, i'm expecting a camera this week. But this is still for me right? It's ok lah. Then he asked me to sign the document stating that i'm the one who took the parcel.

i told the lady i thought it was a camera. i wonder what's in the parcel. i took it and walked back to my room. Curious, i opened the parcel, wrapped in a SkyNet plastic, at the stairs going up to my room. Surprised and a bit irritated, the envelope inside was addressed to two names. A girl and me, of course. Otherwise, i wouldn't end up taking it or having such trouble at the SAO.

The wrapping was so thin, no way a camera can fit in!

Why was it to two names? I guess maybe because i'm the only one with the ID No. I0800. The others are I0700. But then, why me? why not give it to the girl? After closer inspection, i found that they misspelled her name. Maybe the officer at the GO couldn't find her name in the record, so my name was used instead.

It should be Wewel, not Welwel.

What's inside? it's just certificates of what we did last semester. No big deal. i guess i just have to wait longer for my camera then.

The certificate.


p/s : There's a new nasi lemak stall in town. Near the INTI Nilai taxi stand. They're delicious. Grab one now!
p/p/s : I'm sorry Wafi. i'm very lazy to go to the nasi lemak stall today. no new post about it also.

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