October 16, 2009

Least RAM Usage : IE vs Chrome

Salam. Hi. Back again to another episode of  Least Ram Usage! Want to read the previous ones? They can be found with label Tech Tips Teknologi. Today, just a short one maybe. It's Internet Explorer, IE vs Google Chrome.

As usual, the procedures are important. Here's this time's procedures.

1. Opened IE and Chrome
2. Go to my latest blog, Risham Fikir Photos for each browser
3. waited until both browsers finished loading the blog's homepage.
4. opened Task Manager.
5. searched for chrome.exe and IEXPLORE.exe
6. Fin(that's French word for finish, if not mistaken)

The result may look a bit astounding. Judging the performances of both browsers, i can say IE somehow got faster in loading the blog. Anyways, here's the results :

Chrome - 37,***KB
IE          - 47,***KB

woo! Chrome wins ---- again! well, there's not much to say anymore.

Oh. Before i forget, check out my new blogs, Risham Fikir Downloads and Risham Fikir Photos


Kennee said...

Neh... i Firefox kaki... XD

Kristin said...

IE already lost to Firefox so don't even have to mention about IE against Chrome. Haha. How about a duel between FF & Chrome? =D

Anonymous said...

chrome ok... tp kdg2 die buat hal jugak. sumtimes lg teruk than firefox. n kalau kat satu tab tu flash die crash, sume tab crash skali. geram je.

Risham said...

woohoo! firefox users hentam me.
i did 1 btwn ff $ chrome for portable version earlier. i guess i'll do the non-portable later.

yes. chrome pun prob jgk. ikut suke die je nak buat hal.