October 02, 2009

Futsal League Oct 2nd, 09

Here's the Bahasa version of this post.

October 2nd, 2009, Ahmad Syahir as OC or Organizing Chairperson has successfully gathered a number of students of INTI-UC Nilai for a futsal league.

At first, i planned to watch a marathon of Supernatural, but then changed my mind and hang around the futsal league venue. Actually, i wasn't concentrating on the matches, i was busy asking Fatah where to get the 120 film.

There were two goalkeepers with clean sheet, so there's a bit problem determining who gets the title of best goalkeeper.

Well, the goal of holding the league is to meet people, make friends. What happens in the court, stays in the court.

I'll let you know the results later, after it has been carefully calculated.

p/s : calling all my friends in INTI-UC Nilai. If you're planning to go to USA next year, do choose your universities now. Applying to one is a lot of work, you know.


kenwooi said...

hello intian! =D

Risham said...

i'm assuming you're an intian too..
am i right?