September 13, 2009

What We Missed Out

Salam. Welcome again. Just thought of reminding us all, myself included. There's sometimes that we didn't see things clearly. The time where our justification, our judgement go astray. What supposed to be great, turned out to be less great. The fun changed to bitterness. Have you ever experienced these situations?
Why exactly does we get into these situations? Well, if you ask me, i'd say that we are not focusing or concentrating on what we should. That's why. We keep thinking of ourselves, what's not with us. We keep saying i want that, i want this, i must do that after this, do this, and many more things which are mostly for the future. Sometimes i wonder, would too much of the future hurt the present?

What i'm trying to say is, appreciate what you have in front of you, cherish them, and focus on them. Don't keep fantasizing on things which are not there, or maybe plans for the future. If the plan is not realistic, just forget it. Enjoy what you have.

There are situations where we are required to respond according to others' expectations. People get creative in conveying their messages. They do it in various different ways. Sometimes we didn't get it. Why is that? Again, it's because we're not focusing on them. Whenever you're in this situation, or maybe whenever you're with these people, quit thinking of yourselves and other things. Focus on them. Because you never know what you'll miss out if you're not focusing.
The situation can happen anywhere, to anybody in your life. Your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, or peers. Just anyone. But usually this applies to someone whose close to you. They could be trying to express what they felt, asking for help, or something very important that you might regret for a lifetime if you're not listening.

Why am i writing about this? It's because i was in these situations multiple times by now. To realize that we're in that situation is tough, it's tougher to mend the consequences that might come after that.

So, my friends. Don't make the same mistake i made. Cherish what you have in front of you, and listen to them. You'll feel better once you listen to them. Listen to what they want. Maybe it won't come back to you, but at least you made someone happy.

Here's a little information regarding Sept 13 :

1- 1945-the end of Japan's colonization on Tanah Melayu


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