September 30, 2009

Nude Pic of Me & GF

First things first.
Kindly note that this post is viewed from around the world. It's because i left the permalink to every website i can, including, Facebook, YM, everywhere. Also do note that this post is not suitable for the viewing of children under 18.

Scroll down and continue reading.

If you're a guy,
Dude, get a life!

If you're a girl,
Get a life, sweetheart.

You should know by now that there's not gonna be any pics of nude me & gf.
That's impossible. i don't even have a gf.
Don't be a douchebag! If you want pics, get married. Stop looking for pics of that sort.

If you're here to check whether i've gone mad or something, please leave a message. Do leave your URL too. it helps to promote your URL, right?
Those who don't leave a comment will be considered sick perverts, and i'll tell how many are here because they are pervert, and how many of them cares about me.

I'm pretty sure that my hit will be doubled today. Just wait and see. i'll let you know the results later, in the next post.
Till next time then.

p/s: i think i'm in very big trouble now. Google spider is crawling this blog right now, and find the word that's not suitable. i really hope that they put an expert to read this post so that i can continue blogging.


Arieff Aizuddin said...

bikin saspen je ko ni

Risham said...

saja nak ramaikan org visit blog ni.

muhamad.nur.farhan said...

Manfaatkanlah masa yang ada dengan post yang lebih bermanfaat dan membina keimanan. Agar masa orang yang membaca tidak terbuang, menjadi fitnah kepada kita di akhirat kelak. sekadar peringatan buat diri sendiri juga.

Un Phat Lee said...

apsal ak sorng je nmpak gmbr ko nih?

Risham said...

phat lee: ak pun pelik gak.
org len xnmpk, ko boleh nmpk.

psycho speak said...

to org yg dh bg komen:come on,he didnt ask you to waste ur time reading his 'x berfaedah' post hahahak u did it urself バカ...kantoi la lu pon gatai gk nk tgk pics tu
to blog owner:apo la yg ko post ni haha

Risham said...

sajo buek survey.