September 04, 2009

Least RAM Usage : Chrome vs Netscape Browsers

Salam. Hi. We meet again. I have yet again completed another small research that i have conducted recently. In my previous posts i have compared Firefox with Chrome and Opera with Chrome. We have seen that there's not many differences between those browsers. Indeed, so far, there's no winner yet. Plus, i haven't tried and compared ALL the browsers available.

Well, this time i'm comparing the newest release of the first ever known web browser, Netscape Navigator 9 with Google Chrome. Why Chrome again? Well, to put it in a simple way, i keep the winner in my computer. That's the original purpose of me doing this. At the same time, i get to share a little experience with you guys. I need it because i love to open so many tabs at once.

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I'm also currently looking for new shoes for Hari Raya or Eid. I'm looking for a Nike shoes. I have been dreaming for Nike shoes since last year. Because i'm a bit busy, so i go online for promotions. Talking about promotions, i want to promote by business here. It's a prepaid topup business. So literally, i sell topups. If you're interested in becoming an agent, feel free to contact me at or just click here for immediate FREE signup.
Any phone will do. But, i use Nokia. I prefer Nokia because it's easier to use, less features. Okay, back to the topic. Here are the standard procedures again :

1. Open installed Netscape and Chrome
2. opened 2 tabs in each browser
3. typed in "" and "" in respective tabs for both browsers
4. waited for all pages to continue loading.
5. opened Windows Task Manager
6. opened the Processes Tab, and arrange them by name
7. searched for netscape.exe and chrome.exe
8. Done!

The results are :

Netscape - 33,*** KB
Chrome - 29,*** KB

And once again, Chrome has defeated another browser in this little researched conducted. Looks like i'll continue visiting Exabytes, search for Nike shoes and promote my business using Chrome. And i'll continue to shop online for shoes, clothing, souvenirs, etc.Netscape actually did have a nice UI. I'm impressed. It's originality does shows.

Well then, tune in again next time for another research. Till next time.



Anonymous said...

where did u downloaded d netscaper??
cn u provide me d url??

Risham said...

sure. here it is.

Anonymous said...

thanks then