September 09, 2009

Fun Facts on 09/09/09

Hi. Today is the beautiful 090909. The weather today looks bright. The sky's clear. Maybe today is the day for it. Well, at least we're aware that today is regarded special because of the numbers for today. Most probably the lucky number for lotto ticket today is 090909 too. Who knows, right? Anything can happen. Some people would say that today is the day to get lucky. Hmm... We got nothing to lose just for trying right? In fact, we gained experienced. So, it's not the date that matters. It's the effort that we put into what we do. Not only today, but other days as well.

A lot will be going on today. A number of couples will or had get married today, by the time i'm typing this. And a number of couples are expecting a newborn. Some will be celebrating birtdays, anniversaries, hold reunion, and lots of other activities. Here's a list of events happened on today's date in previous years :

Birth Date :
1-Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - 1949
2-Colonel Sanders - 1890 (unfortunately he didn't make it till today to celebrate)
3-Cardinal Richelieu - 1585 (Prime Minister of France)

Event :
1-First private rocket launched, The Conestoga 1, somewhere in the States. , 1982
2-Malaysia and China signed an agreement regarding the ship industry. , 1987
3-The 1st Malaysia Stamp Show, 1965

Hey. My College is doing something also. They will be holding a breaking fast with the Muslim students here. At least there's something in their calendar, right? I didn't notice this earlier before. I only noticed it earlier this morning. Maybe just a coincidence, right? Oh well.

So, get moving and do something good today. Not just today. Try to continue doing something good every single day. Make today as the beginning. Good luck then. Bye.

p/s : i thought i saw a putty cat. i did! i did! i saw a putty cat.


Mr. Firdhaus said...

what a good day today...
but beware...
090909 = 999 = DANGER!!!

Risham said...

2 more days to 911...
nnt aku cuba carik fakta lagi.