September 16, 2009

Aku, Jin dan Malaysia

Salam. Hi. What a nice day today is. The weather's fine, my class ends at 10a.m, what could be possibly more enjoyable than this? Well, maybe kicking some demons ass would be more interesting. Quick update. Supernatural is back and currently in season 5!

Ok. From Sept 15 till 17, yesterday till tomorrow, there's some kind of mini-PCFair here in my college. They call it ICT Fair. Organized by INTI Computer Club(INCOMP for short), which i happen to be a member for last semester. But not this semester. I'm very lazy to go and register again.

So, this morning after class, my friends and i decided to go and survey what's happening in the hall, where all the booths supposed to be. Last semester, the venue is just along the hallway near the hall. Maybe because last year's participants are not many as this year's. The booth now REALLY looked like they are selling in PCFair. They used the same materials i guess. Sorry i forgot to take photos. It never occured to me until just now. It's ok. i'll try to remember next time.

But, there's one thing you might want to hear. I got a poster of an online game which happen to be not my taste. Who cares. At least i brought back something. The poster made me wanna change it. I'll let you see the results later.

Now, i want to tell a little story. There's a friend of mine wanted to buy an external hard disk. Then, this salesman started to tell the specialty of this particular model. I'm not going to tell what model, it's copyrighted!
Well, one statement caught my attention. He said that the model uses 2 usb connection, 1 is for data transfer and the other one is for power supply. Dude. Of course it is. A lot of external hard drives implement that as well. What's so special about that? Ok. That's all. Oh, here's the poster that i changed a lil bit.

i feel so powerful right now. LOL
Before i forget(again), today is Sept 16, 2009. Thanks to Spermatocyte v2.0's blog for reminding me of this very special day. It is the day that Malaysia is declared officially, in 1963. Declared by Tunku Abdul Rahman, at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. The declaration has brought independence to Borneo(Sabah and Sarawak) and Singapore.

The agreement has been signed on July 9, 1963 in London, but the declaration has to be delayed because the UN must first get feedbacks from the citizens of Borneo and Singapore. DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong or the King of Malaysia has signed the declaration on August 29,1963.

Click here for full article. But, it's in Bahasa.



Also INTI Student said...

I also attend that particular ict fair..awesome
And I think maybe we both encountered the same bro..the same 2-usb-connection guy..
But i think maybe he`s right..
Coz people usually use jz one usb to transfer and badly, that same usb to provide the power as well..
At last, the external may jammed..
So, if we use both at the same time, it will improve the performance..
That`s what the bro say..
And I think he is right..maybe he know more than us since he work as the booth attendant and maybe in ict field for a long time..

*no offence..jz want to comment n correct what i think is naturally correct..
& i`m no ict kind of guy..
hepi malaysia :)

Risham said...

thanks for the honest opinion bro.
Happy Malaysia Day too!