September 17, 2009

How To Make Tomato Rice

Salam. Hi. Today i want to share with you guys on how to make tomato rice. This recipe that i'm going to give you will the best tomato rice you ever tasted. Why? It's because the recipe is taken from the don't worry. It does taste good. We tried it yesterday.
First, get the rice and tomato ready.

Second, prepare the chicken for the 'lauk'.

Third, take a fork and do this to the cucumber.

The result should be like this.

Finally, cook your way to the end.

There you have it. A nice dish of tomato rice with chicken curry.
i only have the pic for the chicken. lol.

Don't forget the drinks.

You're done cooking!!!


Baby said...

nasi tomato u ni, nasi putih biasa ka?

Risham said...

i takde ambik gmbr nasik.
tp betul, ade nasik tomato.

muhammad bin mohamed kamil said... to make tomato rice???

lagi baik kalu how to prepare urself to eat tomato rice...wahahahha..papepun thanx kat ang,baba n semua penghuni blog A..nasi tomato terbez...

Risham said...

setuju dgn muhammad.
thx semua!