August 31, 2009

Least RAM Usage : Chrome vs Opera


Once again, i have done a little research on the topic 'least RAM usage' and this time, i compared these two popular browsers by the demand of a reader. It's Chrome vs Opera 9.64. And this time, it's not the portable version because i'm using my father's computer, and not my friend's. I started out with Chrome vs Firefox : Portable and now moving on to the second series of my research. Well, the results are not very surprising, but it was a close fight.

First, i downloaded the Opera installer, installed it and the fun begins! Here's the steps i've taken in this series.

1. open Opera.
2. open two tabs and typed in "" and ""
3. open Chrome.
4. (repeated step 2)
5. open Windows Task Manager, clicked the 'Processes' tab.
6. arranged the processes according to name(makes it easier to search for)
7. searched for 'chrome.exe' and 'opera.exe'
8. memorized the RAM usage.

So, which one do you think wins? How about a guess? Just guess. Anything. Yeah, guessing have 50% of either right or wrong. So, it's not worth of guessing right? Ok. Before i continue, here's some things i noticed about both browsers.

Opera loads pretty fast. It loads completely faster than Chrome. Wow! I was quite impressed. But then, after a close inspection, it didn't load every object in the homepage. Chrome on the other hand did took a longer loading time, but did load every object successfully.

In the end,here's the results :

Opera - 33,*** KB
Chrome - 27,*** KB

I told you it was a close one. They're just about 6,000KB different. Both browsers are great, the appearances are great, easy to navigate, and much more. Not just these two, it applies to other popular browsers too. Of course, the ones i've used only; Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari(i'm aiming to buy a Mac). I haven't tried Netscape yet, but will do so as soon as i remembers to do so.

Well then, that's all for this series. Tune in again next time for comparisons on other browsers.!
Bye then.



Knight said...

have your tried Firefox?

Kelvin said...

haha chrome is better to me^^
clicked ur nuffang:)

Risham said...

Knight : i will do so as soon as possible. thanks for the suggestion.^^

Kelvin : 1 thing that i like in chrome and not others is the top toolbar is smaller than the others.
thanks for clicking. :)