August 19, 2009

What Your Blogs Should Have : Part 2

Salam. Hi. Welcome back to this series. In this part, i'll continue from where i left earlier. Previously, i've commented on the service, the theme and choice of color and appearances. Here's the part 2.

Since you have chosen the themes, you should know what to type. Get an idea of what you want to tell your readers about. But then, if you're still confused of what to type even after days of brainstorming, just type about your life. Writing about your life will bring you lots of traffic. It gets better if you're a hot guy or girl. People (or should i say your secret admirers) certainly will read about your life. Maybe it's just me, but Malaysians do love to read other people's stories, about their lives. This also means that your posts or articles also need a theme. My theme here is 'whatever i think of typing'.

Next, you need to boost your traffic. At early stages, family members and close friends are the ones who will unconditionally read your blogs. But then, after some time, some of us will have the urge to boost their traffic and reach a more global group of readers. You can try and submit your URL to various websites that offer exchanging links, or where people practices "i read yours, you read mine" policy. It's not a big secret. You can just Google for them. I won't give you the links here because i obviously don't want to advertise them for free. No one does that anymore right?

Then, beautify your blog with necessary gadgets or widgets. The most crucial gadget/widget (to me) is the archive. Without the archive, the links to your older posts will be minimal. The only link to your older posts by default is the "Read older posts" link at the end of each posts/articles. Even that link doesn't stand out that much. You don't want your older posts to be dead, right? Make sure you supply you readers with necessary links and gadgets to move around your blog. Like the one i have here, i use navigation bar to help my readers go back to the homepage with ease.

And the last one, good luck in your blogging journey. May blogging be a joyous experience to all of us. Thank you for reading.

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