August 09, 2009

Least RAM Usage : Chrome vs Firefox (Portable)


Today i'll share what i have researched shortly.
And the research is quite short actually.
The research is(drum rolling) :
(the drum is still rolling)
(again, it's still rolling)
Chrome vs Firefox (Portable Edition)!!!

i tried to compare both of the popular browsers.
the initial objective is to choose the least ram usage among the two.
just to make sure my computer(which i'm still waiting for the service center to call),
uses the least amount of ram at one time.
and, to try and make its lifetime longer.
So, here's the results(drum rolling) :
(drum rolling again)
(i know it's a bit annoying but i love the look on your face there, hah!)
maybe i'm not good at graphs, so i just type in the results.

Chrome : 12,*** kb
Firefox : 24,*** kb

And obviously the winner is Chrome! woohoo!!!
Congratulations to me for the success of determining the ram usage, which is quite a tedious procedure.

Here's the procedure :
1 : i opened both the browsers.
2 : typed to both browsers.
3 : waited until both browsers stopped loading.
4 : opened the task manager.
5 : clicked the 'processes' tab.
6 : searched for 'chrome.exe' and 'firefox.exe'
7 : walla! i'm done!

tedious isn't it? because i used Vista(the computer is definitely not mine) and it didn't open the task manager directly after the combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete. what kind of security is that?
that's why i love XP better.

Tune in again for more of my researches yet to come.
But for now, it's time to end this post.
See you again!



lionel0008 said...

Nice although predictable as portable version will use more RAM. Maybe you could try Google Chrome VS Opera browser to see who is better.

Risham said...

great suggestion.
i'll do it and post it as soon as i can.