August 12, 2009

What Your Blogs Should Have : Part 1

Hi. Today i'm going to discuss with you about what you should have on your blog. Writing (or typing, literally) is as you know, looks very simple. You just have to login to your blog account like Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal or many more (are there really many more?). Oh, i almost forgot that i once had a blog in Friendster. i was like 13 years old when i got that actually. Anyways, i'll share my experience so far, in this blogging industry. (wow, blogging sounds like a property when i use the word 'industry')

Before i start, i want to warn you that everything that i'm about to type is not solely my idea. There are some ideas that i 'borrowed' from a little neat blue book i bought a couple of years ago.
Hey! i'm still a student, okay. Of course i plagiarize sometimes. Student always did. We tend to do so. It's only a matter of submitting the plagiarized materials or not. Okay. Back to business.

First, get a blogging service provider! It's so obvious. Like this site, i use You can see the "Powered by Blogger" button at the very end of this page. Wo! Hold it there. Don't scroll now. Keep reading these tips first. You can check out the button later. Ok. Get a service provider, create an account, and walla! You can start right away. Usually your service provider will explain more on getting started.

Second, choose a template. Or a theme. Different sites use different names. try to figure that out yourself. Don't be so lazy! i'll use the word theme because it's shorter and easier to type. Your template will determine whether your readers will come to your site again or not. If your site looks messy and it's difficult to read, you better stop blogging. People come to your site to read something, not strain their eyes. Most important choose the one you like coz' you're the one who's going to visit it the most. Trust me, you WILL.

Third, make sure the theme chosen has minimum. (this is where i plagiarize) Try to avoid too many core colors or too many columns in it. Too many colors will make the loading time longer and too many columns will make the site look like an Excel file! The maximum advised by me, is 3. 3 columns or 3 colors. Don't go beyond that. You can experiment if you like. Try browsing into your favorite site. Check the core colors and columns. You'll get what i mean.

Okay. That's it for part 1. i'll get the part 2 done when i'm not busy. Yeah i'm on holiday, so what? i'm a human and i need rest too. and i don't spam, ok. Tune in again for part 2. Bye now.


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Risham said...

i'll try that.