May 27, 2009

Traditional Attire Day!!!


Hi. Today, while attending a forum, an idea struck me. How about we recognize a day as the day to wear our traditional attire? It sure will be great if everyone in Malaysia agrees and comply with the idea.

So, here i am. i'm calling for every reader of my blog to participate in this little campaign which i name it as 'Traditional Attire Day'. On the chosen day, we will wear our traditional wear. And, the lucky day is Friday! To be more interesting, i'm calling it effective starting this Friday, May 29,2009. Let's fill our society, and hopefully Malaysia, one day, every week, for as long as we can remember.

Ha. i sense some doubts among you, readers. This campaign does not require much from you. Just wear anything you have in your closet(the traditional ones of course). You don't have to go and buy a new one just for the sake of this campaign. Obviously i don't want to blamed for making you guys spend hundreds of ringgit just to buy a cloth to wear on one day.

Here's my suggestion. Just wear anything you have, anything. Maybe you don't have a complete set, it's ok. Just wear what you have. Like Malays, if you guys only have the baju for baju melayu,(the case where the pants are left somewhere else) just wear it with any pants.
Or, if Indian ladies only have the scarf without the sari, it's the same to you. For Chinese ladies, you don't have to worry, right? Why did i say that? It's because the cheongsam is one long dress, without any other additional clothing. Am i right? Correct me if i'm wrong.

Why Friday? Here are the reasons.

1. It's the end of the weekdays. So, people are more likely to be less stressed on Friday.
2. The next day is holiday. Because traditional clothes are more expensive nowadays, you can
straight away wash it. Plus, you can spend more time washing them with care to maintain the
quality of the fabric

So, let us fill the air with joy and colors of our traditional wear, once every week, starting from this week. Happy Traditional Attire Day!!!

p/s : use the search engine above the title to help me count how many people agree and willing
to join this campaign. Your help is much appreciated.

p/s : i'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can contact me to settle whatever hurt i have
done to you through this blog.

p/s again : would like to try the chinese attire. like the one worn by the chinese guy(i don't know
the name of his character) whom is the bodyguard of Oracle in The Matrix Trilogy.
full set + the round spectacles, of course.


Anonymous said...

salam..wah..setuju2!!cam bes je....cmne nk libatkn ramai org? sy xde masalah..pkai baju kurung je..dh biasa dh..^_^

risham said...

senang je.
promote lah blog ni kt sesape pun.
ataupun, sebar guna mulut je.