May 21, 2009

Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault


Out of nowhere, i thought of giving this game a review.

This game is published by EA Games of course, where most of the games are of high quality.
You'll play as a lieutenant in the WWII. It starts in 1942 and the game ends in 1945.
It features real videos of the WWII, caught by the war cameramen, whose are not to be harmed,
as i was told.

You start a mission with a little briefing from your superior, which makes you more like in the game yourself. Even during this game's era, multiplayer is available. Of course, we can play multiplayer, but never tried it before though.

One feature that i like the most in this game is that it awards medal for our 'courageous' act in completing the mission. Another way of earning a medal is by acquiring bonus items, such as a manifest, which is usually a bit hard to find if you don't search the area thoroughly.

The weapons used are basically used by the American army during the WWII. if you're into these old weapons, this game is definitely for you.

Click here to try the full version of the game.

(You'll be redirected to a site that asks you to enter a search. Just search 'medal of honor' and you'll find the game plus the download links.)


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In-game title.

Mission Failed!

My medals so far. Huahaha...


aishrad said...

maen dota laa best.

risham said...

dota kene pakai tenet..
leceh. huahaha...