July 02, 2009

A Tribute to A Friend of Mine


Thank you for your kindness, willing to read my post here. A few days ago, I've contacted a friend of mine and, i was inspired by her to start writing (or literally, typing), in English. I admit that I've been reading too many posts in Bahasa lately. So, forgive me for any errors either in grammar, structure, or anything that you managed to find. Here goes nothing.

This is a true story. It happen to a friend of a friend of mine. He is actually a person who loves to play video games, no matter what situation he's in. Because of that, he s***s at communicating with others. He played so many different games; GBA roms, PSOne roms, PC Games, and even PSP! Examples of games he played are Initial D, Street Fifa, Medieval II : Total War, Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault, Tekken 3, Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town, Counter Strike, Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, GunboundWC, Fifa09, Madden NFL 08, StepMania 3.9, Pokemon TCG Game, Magic : The Gathering, and many more.

His lifestyle is just so odd, that he, himself didn't notice what is wrong with himself. He loves to do odd activities, odd goods, and anything a person can think of whatever is odd. One thing that he loves the most is getting extra income. He will do any activity which he thinks will give him extra pocket money. The activity which appeals to him the most is online business. is one example of a website to sell his products. Some of his products are Nike branded, Maxis and Digi products.

But now, he mysteriously disappeared. He was noticed to be missing on Saturday night, where the only trace of him is the flyer he left on his table. Maybe it's where he's going on that day. Unfortunately, no one saw him there. No one knows where he is until this very moment.

That is all for today.

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