July 07, 2009

Forgive me if i did wrong.


Forgive me for not responding.
Forgive me for doing this to you.
Give me some space.
i'm tired of your babbling.
i'm tired of your thoughts.
i'm tired of your opinions.

Just leave me alone.
Leave me until i can cope with you again.

Sorry for not saying it straight to your face.
i know you'd say that i'm a coward for spilling it out here.
Nothing can be done.
i am what i am.
and you are what you are.
The best i can do is try to be a better person.
i cannot change you, obviously.

There's TMTH right now.
Enough is enough.
i'll carry on with what i believe.
i'll go on with my own world.
i'll be an introverted if i have to.(thanks to mus for the vocab)

i am what i am


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