March 02, 2010

Never ever stereotype your own self.


Hi. I remembered around a year ago, i said this to my friends here in INTI."I don't play this kind of game. It doesn't stand out to me compared to other offline games."

Wanna know what happened next? I think you've guessed what happens next, am i right? Yes. I ended up playing the very game which i once considered (and declared) boring. It is like a plague, infecting almost every computer all around the world. And mine is one of the thousands of computers which failed to keep the game out of the system.

What i'm trying to say is never, ever stereotype yourself. It is even worse if you announced it to your close friends. Because the minute you break that stereotype, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

People will start asking, "I thought you hated this game" or "You said you don't do this at this time", and many more questions about your declared opinion or habit or stereotype. Then what will be your answer? That you don't do that anymore? What does that show? To me, it shows that i'm a loser, hypocrite, and not firm with my stand or opinion.

I just love to use the word stereotype. I never knew why. I just... happen to like the word. Maybe the sound or maybe even the clear meaning of it.

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