March 31, 2010

The Power of Media


I hope i haven't written about this particular topic yet. It is the media that plays very important role in what we know, or maybe what we believe.

It is through media we know about something happening on the other side of the world. What we know from the media is exactly what the media projects or tells.

First let us see what is media, or more precisely mass media. I would say it is a medium we use to get news, updates or whatever you call it, at times which we want to know about it. So does everyone agree that media is anything that we use to get those we call updates or news or whatever we call them?

If at least YOU agrees, does it mean that your parents are another type of media? You call them and get the updates of what's happening back at home. Or does your lecturers are considered a media, simply because you go to them to clarify some doubts regarding their previous lecture?

Media or mass media is very successful medium of information or propaganda that world have ever seen. At least to me, it is. Why are they so effective in what they are doing? I would say it is because they stimulate our senses and we ust love those stimuli.

For normal person, the eyes and ears are considered the most used senses of the body. The sound of the alarm clock wakes us up, because our ears hear the clock ringing and then we opened our eyes to search for the clock and turn the alarm off. Then, as we go to bed, we lie down before we close our eyes,and tried so hard to not listen to any dogs barking or the traffic outside.

The media uses these two senses to reach their goal. Make people watch and listen to their show and increase their rating. They put whatever they think might interest the target audience or listeners. Sometimes, what they put on their channel are not appropriate, but because of they targeted the easiest senses to influence, they did well.

Because we rely too much on these 2 senses, we tend to be lazy and just accept whatever is presented to us. Some programs made millions of viewers/followers not even realizing what are they actually viewing/following. Sometimes, because of the greed in them, the media, they just present what they think will gain high rating, but actually is bad or inappropriate for the society.

Relying on just a few senses is not good for us. We must make use of everything we have to make sure a productive and quality life is what we are living.


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