November 23, 2009


Salam. Hi.

To all INTI students, i have a question for you.
How many of you have been cheated by ECampus?

I know. It's not the official result stated there in the Eramis. But still, it gives you the rough idea, right? Like last 2 semesters, i checked my Calculus results, and got an F. When i came and enrolled for classes for last semester, i know that i have to sign the MOU again. But then, to my surprise, when i got the official result from the AUP counter instead of from the exam center(which means it's still sucks), it turns out that I got a D for Calculus. So, no MOU to sign last semester.

How about you guys? Tell me. Have you encountered this kind of experience? Or you just simply never even logged in to ECampus?


kenwooi said...

inti? which campus?
i was from inti-uc, nilai..
used ecampus to check my results too.. quite accurate for me.. =)

Risham said...

i'm in nilai too.
accurate it is!
received the official copy by mail today.
same as shown in the website.