March 28, 2011

New Experience

Had fun watching a preacher earlier today. A religion preacher. He said that he is telling everyone that God has saved him from his sins and wanted everyone to follow his footsteps.

The most interesting part of it is hearing the arguments he had with the audience.

One young man asked the preacher, why did God does not want to be held accountable for what He did? The young man argues why did God created man if He knew man are going to be extinct one day? Why create sin? Why bring plague? This young man WAS a believer.

A woman, a war veteran; said that why did God bring death to innocent people? Why let war happen? Why bring plague? She said she lost faith after the war.

A man from Sudan said that preachers came to Sudan and preach stuff and the people of Sudan believe whatever they said. The man said all of the preaches are bullshit.

The preacher called the young man a blasphemy. His desire to be God is his biggest sin. He will be sent to hell for what he said today.

The preacher asked the woman why did she go to war? She could have chosen not to. She could have chosen not to join the military.

The preacher said people like the man from Sudan does not even want to try to understand.

Interesting day indeed.

P/S : Why would you want God to be held accountable for His creations? You already believe that God exists, that God created everything. Why would you want God to have attributes of lesser beings/ His own creations? Are you greater than God then?

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