March 31, 2010

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The Power of Media


I hope i haven't written about this particular topic yet. It is the media that plays very important role in what we know, or maybe what we believe.

It is through media we know about something happening on the other side of the world. What we know from the media is exactly what the media projects or tells.

First let us see what is media, or more precisely mass media. I would say it is a medium we use to get news, updates or whatever you call it, at times which we want to know about it. So does everyone agree that media is anything that we use to get those we call updates or news or whatever we call them?

If at least YOU agrees, does it mean that your parents are another type of media? You call them and get the updates of what's happening back at home. Or does your lecturers are considered a media, simply because you go to them to clarify some doubts regarding their previous lecture?

Media or mass media is very successful medium of information or propaganda that world have ever seen. At least to me, it is. Why are they so effective in what they are doing? I would say it is because they stimulate our senses and we ust love those stimuli.

For normal person, the eyes and ears are considered the most used senses of the body. The sound of the alarm clock wakes us up, because our ears hear the clock ringing and then we opened our eyes to search for the clock and turn the alarm off. Then, as we go to bed, we lie down before we close our eyes,and tried so hard to not listen to any dogs barking or the traffic outside.

The media uses these two senses to reach their goal. Make people watch and listen to their show and increase their rating. They put whatever they think might interest the target audience or listeners. Sometimes, what they put on their channel are not appropriate, but because of they targeted the easiest senses to influence, they did well.

Because we rely too much on these 2 senses, we tend to be lazy and just accept whatever is presented to us. Some programs made millions of viewers/followers not even realizing what are they actually viewing/following. Sometimes, because of the greed in them, the media, they just present what they think will gain high rating, but actually is bad or inappropriate for the society.

Relying on just a few senses is not good for us. We must make use of everything we have to make sure a productive and quality life is what we are living.


March 25, 2010

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March 24, 2010

Peer Pressure


Peer pressure. some people would say that peer pressure is good for development while some other says the opposite.

According to MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, International Student Edition ; peer pressure means the influence that other people of your own age or social class have on the way you behave or dress.

Some would say that it is a good thing because it puts you to strive forward just as other peole did. When we see other our peers busy revising, we feel the urge to do the same thing because we don't want to be left out or out of the same standard. Why? Because practice makes perfect. If our peer is doing the same thing day by day, he/she might master that particular act or whatever he/she is doing. That is, if they get it right.

Then, another situation is in workplace. We only hold a quite insignificant position in the company, according to our view. Our peer, maybe of the same qualification, or age, or background, is holding a better position than we do. How do react to that? Well, generally we start to double our effort to either get promoted or maybe even just a raise, because that's what usually is the standard or particulars that we compare with our peers.

If it is in schools, grades, test mark, assignments; these all are the major criterias we compare. In some other cases, it's efficiency, and skills in problem solving. As our peers start to stand out, we start to try and figure out how to do the same.

Now let us see the downside of peer pressure.

Seeing our peers work very hard, we start to feel inferior. And to counter that feeling, we try to imitate the amount of work our peer is putting on. Sometimes, we even do more than they did. If this continues to happen without any rational judgment, it might be bad to us. Different people have different work capabilities.
No one knows your work capacity but yourself. Your body, your decision. How can a peer know your body? Only you know it well.

We also start to behave differently than we usually did. We are even willing to push ourselves too much. Lets take a situation. Person J loves to browse the internet freely before going to bed. One night, J felt like checking out its housemates before going to bed. J went to K's room who happen to be watching a tv series K downloaded earlier that day. They talked for a while before J says goodnight and leaves the room. Then J goes to L's room and quite shocked with what it sees. L is actually doing its assignment, which is due in 6 months time!

L has started painting something abstract, with just a few colors on the canvas. L just started earlier that day, so the painting still looks meaningless. But, J felt that L's effort is so great, it should start painting too. J went back to its room, and started brainstorming on what it should paint. J felt sleepy already as it has passed its bedtime. But because of the peer pressure resulting from L's action, J continues to brainstorm to make sure he will not be left out.

As we have read, J feels inferior to L and wants to overcome that feeling by doing the same thing as L did; painting in the middle of the night, although it is past J's bedtime. If J continues to behave like this, J might get sick. Worst case scenario, J might get used to this kind of pressure and depend too much on it.

What do i mean by that? J might grow up to be one who only works when there is peer pressure. What happens if there is no peer pressure at all? Will J do nothing? This might make J to depend on others to think for it. i mean, if there is no peer pressure, will J continue to revise, practice, or work diligently to achieve its goals in life?

Tell me your stand in this issue.


March 15, 2010

Abstract Data Type


Mark is an abstract data type, because it must be between 0 and 100. Date is an abstract data type. Time is abstract data type. Person is the most abstract data type ever. It contains all the abstract data type it wants to hold.

To me, one can never truly understand another without being with them 24/7. A person can be surprising at any time. They can act out of norm because they are also human beings. That's what human beings do. Decide on whatever basis they want to. Either others' suggestion, or they own discretion and judgment, it is still our own decision.

What we choose to be, how to react, and what relationship are we having. These are just a few of countless abstract data type we are dealing on a daily basis. Today, we might decide to do this, but tomorrow, it might be the total opposite.

We also choose to be ignorant, responsive, up to date, and hyperactive. We choose what people will see in ourselves. Don't we just abstract?

March 04, 2010

Why can't we consider for others?


Please consider for others.
You're not the only one with problems.
We all need our space and privacy.
Not all needed to be explained.
We all have bad hair day, bad day, etc.
Don't expect good responses everyday.
That's just how life is.
Married couples fight sometimes.
Friends? Multiple times.

March 02, 2010

Never ever stereotype your own self.


Hi. I remembered around a year ago, i said this to my friends here in INTI."I don't play this kind of game. It doesn't stand out to me compared to other offline games."

Wanna know what happened next? I think you've guessed what happens next, am i right? Yes. I ended up playing the very game which i once considered (and declared) boring. It is like a plague, infecting almost every computer all around the world. And mine is one of the thousands of computers which failed to keep the game out of the system.

What i'm trying to say is never, ever stereotype yourself. It is even worse if you announced it to your close friends. Because the minute you break that stereotype, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

People will start asking, "I thought you hated this game" or "You said you don't do this at this time", and many more questions about your declared opinion or habit or stereotype. Then what will be your answer? That you don't do that anymore? What does that show? To me, it shows that i'm a loser, hypocrite, and not firm with my stand or opinion.

I just love to use the word stereotype. I never knew why. I just... happen to like the word. Maybe the sound or maybe even the clear meaning of it.