February 04, 2010

The Show???


This is what happened today, minutes before test 1 CHM107.

I'm not sure who started it, but i'll start with what i remember. Either Alyaa or Hanis somehow asked Khairul to sing The Show by Lenka for his MUS105 presentation. Then, i was like...huh? Khairul? The Show? Listen, ok.
But sing? It doesn't seem to fit him.

Then, somehow, Moses overheard and could not resist to play that song ; which happen to be in his mobile phone(was it mobile phone? sorry, i wasn't focusing on the device). Then again, somehow the whole class started to sing that song! Okay. Maybe not the whole class. But still the voices singing The Show was very clear. Even a few minutes before the test started, there were still voices singing it.

It seemed like the song just penetrated our subconscious mind. It's really hard to get the song out of your head, at that time.

Wonderful isn't it? The human brain is so powerful. It started with just a suggestion and ended up staying in your head for minutes. Above all, you even sing what your brain holds. Its fantastic!

Okay guys! assignment!


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kenwooi said...

the song is very nice and addictive! =)