January 15, 2010

So You Think You Know Well


Hi. Ever think that you know someone good enough? Know someone close enough to say , "In this situatuon he/she will most likely bla...bla...bla..." or even "He/she definitely will bla...bla...bla" ???
Then, out of the blue they just changed. Not the same person you have known before? Then you started asking him/her. "What's wrong?", "Is something bothering you?", bla...bla...bla...

Well, maybe you are the one who doesn't know him/her in the first place. That's what most people do. They just know something without knowing they knew it. Where did they get the idea, when did they get it, is there anyone involved before they coined the idea, etc.

Most of us just accept what we know unwillingly. What we know without knowing how we knew it. Where's the source. Most of us accept it without compromising. Why? Maybe because we are not used to be compromising with ourselves. We love to argue, discuss with others, with others' ideas and thoughts. But our own thoughts and ideas? I let you answer that question yourselves.

That's how our community is built. Today's community. We just know that thing is wrong, this is right, that news is bull***t. He is not like that, he is the mastermind for this conspiracy, she is bribing them, she controls her husband, etc. The media has injected in our minds the wrong idea. They convey the news wrongly. What they should do is persuade the people to make an unbiased decision. Not highlight their own idea. When i say media, this goes to everything you can classify as media.TVs, radios, newspapers, flyers, talks, CDs, DVDs, cassette, BluRay, audio file, video file, YouTube, anything you can get your hands on. Anything that tells you something. Even your friends and family are medias as well.

Without having any close relation to the situation, most of us simply have their idea as the best, the greatest, the one and only true way. How could that be? How could that be if we're not closely associated to the issue and we're not even good at it. I'm not saying excellent or great, but NOT EVEN GOOD.

If you want to know someone, just ask. Just go and say, "Hi, my name's Risham. What's yours?" or something like that. Don't just assume you know them just because you hang out with them.


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