January 24, 2010

Funnny isn't it?


I found it a bit funny how people get sociable online but not in real time, real life.

Hey, i'm not talking about anybody, ok. I myself do that sometimes. Huahaha.

They get so lively and cheerful in social networking sites, instant messaging softwares, SMS, videos, pictures. Maybe it's just how they roll. What they choose to be.

What makes a personality? I would say the upbringing, the choices that person made during his/her childhood, and of course their own effort; all during their childhood times up until they're an adult.

Some people started making choices since early primary school, and some are a bit late than that. I do believe choices made during childhood times are the most influential. It's because it is the earliest choice made and the one that will probably stay in your head longer


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