February 26, 2009


30oC.A perfect temperature for Malaysians.A father sits on the couch in the living room facing a typical countryside road and the lawn of his house before it.His son is printing business cards for the queen of the house,at one corner of the living room.Unexpectedly,an idea struck the 50 years-old father on how to spend the Sunday afternoon.Still facing the lawn,he saysto his son,”Son,while waiting for those cards to finish,can you come here for a while?I have a story to tell you.”.”Ok dad,”his son replied.

*          *          *

            Fikir,a typical yet a bit timid countryside boy.At the age of 6,he started his life as a normal boy.He has friends,just like other children.But,his teachers noticed something different about him.His friends thought the same way too.They said that Fikir is a bit too quiet for his age.Some children thought he is an arrogant child for his quietness and his blank-facial-expression.Despite criticism,Fikir carries on his life as a child who strictly follows the laws.Until the age of 12,the only places he reached by himself are the school,his uncle’s shop and his grandmother’s house.

            In school,Fikir is an excellent student.He often got the greatest overall results in examinations.Unfortunately,Fikir is having a big problem with his social and communication skills.Yes,he has friends,but his life is not as enjoyful as his friends.Fikir loves to think about various problems and how to solve them.Fikir has a principle which he holds on strongly.Please everyone around you and do not hurt their feelings.Because of this,he seldom talks,to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

            At the age of 13,Fikir started to feel that he has wasted his valuable childhood.He thought that he could have done better in communicating with others.Still,he holds to his principle.The next year,he tried to improve his social and communication skills.He started to be friends with the wrong person.

*          *          *

            “Fikir,this is your last warning!”said Mr. O.Fikir stepped out of the discipline teacher’s room whie thinking about his bad records since the last two years.

*          *          *

            It all began in the year 2004.Fikir’s attempt to imrove his social and communication skills turned the other way.He started to be friends with Nafsa,a 14 year old student who always being bullied and tries to get away from it.Since Fikir has the same problem in the hostel,they started to be together,doing bad things like ‘flying without wings’,skip classes and bullying the junior students.Fikir started to lose hold of his principle.

*          *          *

            “Fikir,this is your last warning!”the phrase keeps playing in Fikir’s mind.He realized that he has made a big mistake.He then returns to his seat in the classroom.He’ll have an hour to think about it all over again as his Bahasa Melayu teacher is having medical leave on that day.

*          *          *

            “Fikir,it’s time to go back.”said Nafsa,shaking Fikir’s left shoulder.“Thanks Nafsa,”Fikir replied.A bit droopy,but slowly energetic,Fikir said,“Hey,Nafsa.I had a dream just now.Why don’t we turn over anew leaf?”“Why not?”said Nafsa.Together,they exit the classroom and went to the dining hall.

*          *          *

            “Who’s that?”said Fikir with his mouth half-full.“Who?That?It’s Cantik.Don’t you recognize her?”Nafsa answered,a bit puzzled.“Really?Actually I never noticed she was that gorgeous,”Fikir continued,eyes on Cantik showing ful interest on her.Suddenly, Cantik noticed what’s happening and smiled to Fikir.Fikir returned the smile.From that moment,Fikir knew it’s the right time.

*          *          *

“Printing complete.”the computer shouted.The printing of 50 pieces of A4 paper containing 10 business cards each has complete.“So dad.What happened next?”ask the son.“Well,Fikir is actually me,Zafikir,Nafsa is my business partner,Nafsaruddin and Cantik is your mother,Nursyan.“Zafikir answered,smiling to his son,Ahmad Tindak. “Dak,I can’t get it,can you hep me please?”called Nurthira,the only daughter of the house.“Coming,”Tindak shouted,shutting down the computer,leaving Zafikir alone.


#Don’t judge a book by its cover.Try to know him/her better.

#A principle in life is good,but don’t let it ruin your whole life

#Always be aware,chances comes in any ways.Once it comes grab it.

#Sometimes we have to make big decisions in life.Close your eyes and follow your heart

  because we never know what awaits us in the future

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