April 30, 2010

Kerang dan Kepah

Kerang dan Kepah.

Kerang tanya pada kepah, " Tiba masa nanti, kau agak kau dapat keluar tak dari sini?".

"Dapat.", jawab kepah ringkas.

"Kau pasti?", tanya kerang lagi.

"Pasti. Apa pasal pulak kau tanya?", kepah menanti jawapan.

Beritahu kerang, "Minggu lepas, lala tak sempat keluar dari sini."

"Kesian", kata kepah.
"Tapi aku akan usaha bagi dapat keluar dari sini.", sambung kepah.

"Bagus. Jangan sekali kau putus asa. Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.", ujar kerang semangat.

Demikianlah perbualan antara dua spesies yang kini bermandikan ais, dan bukannya air. Dua spesies yang menanti tangan-tangan manusia, dan bukannya tangan-tangan ghaib. Dua spesies yang kini menanti anda untuk membebaskan mereka daripada terus berada di situ.

Berilah mereka peluang untuk menjelajah dunia, seperti anda.

April 23, 2010


i'm tired of trying to be correct.

can be i be wrong?

and, this applies to some cases only. not to my studies. and definitely not to my exam, and again, my study plan.

April 15, 2010

Poison and Meat


One man's meat is another man's poison.

One good thing may be good to you, but not to me.
One good thing may be good to me, but not to you.

One good thing may be right to you, but wrong to me.
One good thing may be right to me, but wrong to you.

How can we sort things out?


April 13, 2010


Yes! Terima kasih kepada anda kerana memberikan saya perkataan tersebut.

I have been searching for a word to describe, but failed.

Excited. It's definitely the word i need. it's THE word that i'm looking for.
thank you.

April 10, 2010


Ambil pensel. Bedakkan. Wangi.
Ambil kertas. Bedakkan. Wangi.

Tuliskan sepucuk surat buat yang di sinun.


Pensel. Tak wangi.
Kertas. Wangi.

Masukkan pensel dan kertas dalam sampul. Pos.

April 06, 2010

What brings you/others to this Blogging world?


Ever wondered why in the first place did the blog you're reading or following now are up?

Today, after a few frames of pool/billiard with Adhwa and back in my room, i felt kind of bored. I logged in my GMail and found that Afif or Apek replied to my comment. Clicked the link to the post, but his comment is not there! Maybe it's my computer's prob or he accidentally deleted it.

So, bored, i checked on a few blogs listed in Afif's blog, and found a rather interesting blog. Very inspirational. Loads of infos. So i checked her first post.(oops!) Yeah, the writer's a she. Her first post is more inspirational than her latest post. Incredibly more meaningful than any other blog posts elsewhere i've ever read before.

Then, the idea struck me. Want to know what is the reason you started blogging? or why the blog was up in the first place? check the first post. the first post usually explains or portrays the reason. if the first post is just an intro like, "Hi, i'm new in this blogging arena", "Hi. Do comment if you find any mistakes here" or anything like that, you may want to check the next few posts. You'll find your answer there.


April 01, 2010



I'm sorry for my lack of communication skills. My inability to convey my message well has made you misunderstood me. Forgive me as i do not wish it to happen like so.