April 06, 2010

What brings you/others to this Blogging world?


Ever wondered why in the first place did the blog you're reading or following now are up?

Today, after a few frames of pool/billiard with Adhwa and back in my room, i felt kind of bored. I logged in my GMail and found that Afif or Apek replied to my comment. Clicked the link to the post, but his comment is not there! Maybe it's my computer's prob or he accidentally deleted it.

So, bored, i checked on a few blogs listed in Afif's blog, and found a rather interesting blog. Very inspirational. Loads of infos. So i checked her first post.(oops!) Yeah, the writer's a she. Her first post is more inspirational than her latest post. Incredibly more meaningful than any other blog posts elsewhere i've ever read before.

Then, the idea struck me. Want to know what is the reason you started blogging? or why the blog was up in the first place? check the first post. the first post usually explains or portrays the reason. if the first post is just an intro like, "Hi, i'm new in this blogging arena", "Hi. Do comment if you find any mistakes here" or anything like that, you may want to check the next few posts. You'll find your answer there.


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