December 24, 2009

RM 500 for a China phone?

It's outrageous. I couldn't believe whats happening in this virtual world. People are really willing to do so just for the sake of style and fashion.

Recently, i've been scanning Lelong for iPhone alike phone. Obviously its from China. Some seller did state that the phone is made in China. I tried to bit for one, even put another one in my watchlist. Nearing the end of auction, i logged in and very surprised to see the current bid. RM5++ !!! And that's only an imitation phone. I can get a new Nokia phone with that sum. And it's original!

I gotta admit that the phone is almost 99% copy of the original iPhone.(which means it may be 98%. hah!) But still, this is the internet we're talking about. How about the performance of the phone? Will it last long? Is it as fast as the original one? One extra spec in these imitation phones is that they come with a tv reception. And that's just it. Some even claimed to have WiFi function, but i doubted that would be good. It maybe is wifi, but is it the latest standard? Is it fast enough? Or will it be as slow as using a 56k modem and connected to the internet using a dial up service?

Okay, i did tried t get one, but RM100 is the limit. These sellers, they are very clever at selling things. They put the starting bid at RM1 and let the bid go for like 1 day, or maybe a few days to make sure the price won't be too low.

Another thing which i think should be highlighted is, are the bidders really interested persons? Or are they just joy bidders? Or maybe even the sellers themselves? Bid till it reaches the standard price they wanted to sell and let the real customer bid it higher? Why am i saying this? It's because this is the internet we're talking about. The bidder may be the sellers' own employees. Even if they win the bid, they would still report that the item is paid and shipped. Is there any way to tell that it's a lie?

Why would they bid for themselves? First, as stated above, they want to achieve the standard price and let the real customers bid higher. Second, a really interested customer maybe will tag the seller as Fav Seller and watch the item every week. So when they see the price is at the same level, and a lot are bidding for it, they may think that the item is on high demand. They'll think that the price won't get any lower because of the vast number of bidders around Malaysia.

Why did i doubted it at the first place? One night, i looked at one seller's page right after the items are closed for auction. The items closed are not deleted right away. So, the public can still see the winning bid value. I found out that the price margin between all items of the same kind offered were very close. If this one is RM5++, the other one is either RM1 higher or lower, and sometimes RM2 higher or lower.

People, is it worth it to pay 1/6 to get a unit with less function, not known performance than to pay the full price and get the real deal? To me, getting a used set is better than getting an imitation. In the end, the choice is yours.

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