September 30, 2009

Nude Pic of Me & GF

First things first.
Kindly note that this post is viewed from around the world. It's because i left the permalink to every website i can, including, Facebook, YM, everywhere. Also do note that this post is not suitable for the viewing of children under 18.

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If you're a guy,
Dude, get a life!

If you're a girl,
Get a life, sweetheart.

You should know by now that there's not gonna be any pics of nude me & gf.
That's impossible. i don't even have a gf.
Don't be a douchebag! If you want pics, get married. Stop looking for pics of that sort.

If you're here to check whether i've gone mad or something, please leave a message. Do leave your URL too. it helps to promote your URL, right?
Those who don't leave a comment will be considered sick perverts, and i'll tell how many are here because they are pervert, and how many of them cares about me.

I'm pretty sure that my hit will be doubled today. Just wait and see. i'll let you know the results later, in the next post.
Till next time then.

p/s: i think i'm in very big trouble now. Google spider is crawling this blog right now, and find the word that's not suitable. i really hope that they put an expert to read this post so that i can continue blogging.

September 17, 2009

How To Make Tomato Rice

Salam. Hi. Today i want to share with you guys on how to make tomato rice. This recipe that i'm going to give you will the best tomato rice you ever tasted. Why? It's because the recipe is taken from the don't worry. It does taste good. We tried it yesterday.
First, get the rice and tomato ready.

Second, prepare the chicken for the 'lauk'.

Third, take a fork and do this to the cucumber.

The result should be like this.

Finally, cook your way to the end.

There you have it. A nice dish of tomato rice with chicken curry.
i only have the pic for the chicken. lol.

Don't forget the drinks.

You're done cooking!!!

September 16, 2009

Aku, Jin dan Malaysia

Salam. Hi. What a nice day today is. The weather's fine, my class ends at 10a.m, what could be possibly more enjoyable than this? Well, maybe kicking some demons ass would be more interesting. Quick update. Supernatural is back and currently in season 5!

Ok. From Sept 15 till 17, yesterday till tomorrow, there's some kind of mini-PCFair here in my college. They call it ICT Fair. Organized by INTI Computer Club(INCOMP for short), which i happen to be a member for last semester. But not this semester. I'm very lazy to go and register again.

So, this morning after class, my friends and i decided to go and survey what's happening in the hall, where all the booths supposed to be. Last semester, the venue is just along the hallway near the hall. Maybe because last year's participants are not many as this year's. The booth now REALLY looked like they are selling in PCFair. They used the same materials i guess. Sorry i forgot to take photos. It never occured to me until just now. It's ok. i'll try to remember next time.

But, there's one thing you might want to hear. I got a poster of an online game which happen to be not my taste. Who cares. At least i brought back something. The poster made me wanna change it. I'll let you see the results later.

Now, i want to tell a little story. There's a friend of mine wanted to buy an external hard disk. Then, this salesman started to tell the specialty of this particular model. I'm not going to tell what model, it's copyrighted!
Well, one statement caught my attention. He said that the model uses 2 usb connection, 1 is for data transfer and the other one is for power supply. Dude. Of course it is. A lot of external hard drives implement that as well. What's so special about that? Ok. That's all. Oh, here's the poster that i changed a lil bit.

i feel so powerful right now. LOL
Before i forget(again), today is Sept 16, 2009. Thanks to Spermatocyte v2.0's blog for reminding me of this very special day. It is the day that Malaysia is declared officially, in 1963. Declared by Tunku Abdul Rahman, at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. The declaration has brought independence to Borneo(Sabah and Sarawak) and Singapore.

The agreement has been signed on July 9, 1963 in London, but the declaration has to be delayed because the UN must first get feedbacks from the citizens of Borneo and Singapore. DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong or the King of Malaysia has signed the declaration on August 29,1963.

Click here for full article. But, it's in Bahasa.


September 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary My Love.

 Well, what do you know. Blogger is celebrating its 10th Birthday now. And because of that, the team has dedicated their work and presented us, Bloggers a new UI! Yeay!!! Here's a screenshot of the new UI.
Just click the pic to see a bigger image.

Where to get this new UI? It's easy. Just go to your Settings tab. Choose the Basic tab. Search for the Select Post Editor further down. You can change it there. What's the new features? I'll explain a little.

In the new UI, you can easily change an image size, and the orientation or placing of the image. The preview is now in a pop up frame. Plus, they put an undo button because they know how sometimes people get clumsy while writing. I myself sometimes get clumsy too.

So thanks Blogger for this great service. And to Google as well for my Adsense. Happy Birthday Blogger!!!

September 13, 2009

What We Missed Out

Salam. Welcome again. Just thought of reminding us all, myself included. There's sometimes that we didn't see things clearly. The time where our justification, our judgement go astray. What supposed to be great, turned out to be less great. The fun changed to bitterness. Have you ever experienced these situations?
Why exactly does we get into these situations? Well, if you ask me, i'd say that we are not focusing or concentrating on what we should. That's why. We keep thinking of ourselves, what's not with us. We keep saying i want that, i want this, i must do that after this, do this, and many more things which are mostly for the future. Sometimes i wonder, would too much of the future hurt the present?

What i'm trying to say is, appreciate what you have in front of you, cherish them, and focus on them. Don't keep fantasizing on things which are not there, or maybe plans for the future. If the plan is not realistic, just forget it. Enjoy what you have.

There are situations where we are required to respond according to others' expectations. People get creative in conveying their messages. They do it in various different ways. Sometimes we didn't get it. Why is that? Again, it's because we're not focusing on them. Whenever you're in this situation, or maybe whenever you're with these people, quit thinking of yourselves and other things. Focus on them. Because you never know what you'll miss out if you're not focusing.
The situation can happen anywhere, to anybody in your life. Your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, or peers. Just anyone. But usually this applies to someone whose close to you. They could be trying to express what they felt, asking for help, or something very important that you might regret for a lifetime if you're not listening.

Why am i writing about this? It's because i was in these situations multiple times by now. To realize that we're in that situation is tough, it's tougher to mend the consequences that might come after that.

So, my friends. Don't make the same mistake i made. Cherish what you have in front of you, and listen to them. You'll feel better once you listen to them. Listen to what they want. Maybe it won't come back to you, but at least you made someone happy.

Here's a little information regarding Sept 13 :

1- 1945-the end of Japan's colonization on Tanah Melayu


September 10, 2009

Apa kaitan 11 September dengan Malaysia?

September 11, 2001. 11 September 2001. Satu tarikh yang tidak asing lagi di mata dunia. Tarikh keramat. Tarikh bermulanya berbagai kontroversi, manipulasi, interpretasi dan bermacam jenis'-si' lagi yang ada dalam daftar kata Kamus DBP. Pernah dulu Risham simpan satu keratan akhbar Utusan Malaysia untuk tatapan hari kemudian.

Tapi, sungguh tidak disangka, setelah lapan tahun berlalu, baru Risham sedar, peristiwa 11 September ada dalam buku sejarah Malaysia. 11 September 1509, Diego Lopez De Sequeira telah tiba di Melaka. Itulah kali pertama orang Eropah menjejakkan kaki ke Melaka. Peristiwa ini juga membawa kepada penjajahan Belanda ke atas negeri itu 2 tahun kemudian.

11/09/1509 - genap 500 tahun kedatangan Belanda ke Melaka. Dunia diberitahu Eropah adalah kuasa hebat kerana berjaya menjadi yang pertama tiba di Melaka. Akhirnya Melaka dijajah.

11/09/2001 - Pusat Perdagangan Dunia, WTC dilanggar kapal terbang, Pentagon diserang. WTC rebah menyembah bumi. Dunia diberitahu yang orang Islam adalah pengganas. Akhirnya kawasan Timur Tengah dijajah. Palestin, Iraq.
Apakah tarikh 11 september sengaja dipilih atau sekadar satu kebetulan? Apakah peristiwa WTC sebenarnya adalah ulangan sejarah turunnya Diego Lopez De Sequeira di Melaka?
Anda berhak memilh jawapan anda. Kerana itu yang kita 'semua' perjuangkan, bukan? Kebebasan bersuara, kebebasan berpolitik, kebebasan mencari keadilan, kebebasan itu, ini, dan sebagainya. Maka pilihlah jawapan anda sendiri.

p/s : Kt kolej ni pun ade gak 1 bende jadi 2. Sape yang salah? puncak piramid, tengah, atau tapaknya? Kata Nabil, 'lu pikirlah sendiri. assalamualaikum.'

September 09, 2009

Fun Facts on 09/09/09

Hi. Today is the beautiful 090909. The weather today looks bright. The sky's clear. Maybe today is the day for it. Well, at least we're aware that today is regarded special because of the numbers for today. Most probably the lucky number for lotto ticket today is 090909 too. Who knows, right? Anything can happen. Some people would say that today is the day to get lucky. Hmm... We got nothing to lose just for trying right? In fact, we gained experienced. So, it's not the date that matters. It's the effort that we put into what we do. Not only today, but other days as well.

A lot will be going on today. A number of couples will or had get married today, by the time i'm typing this. And a number of couples are expecting a newborn. Some will be celebrating birtdays, anniversaries, hold reunion, and lots of other activities. Here's a list of events happened on today's date in previous years :

Birth Date :
1-Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - 1949
2-Colonel Sanders - 1890 (unfortunately he didn't make it till today to celebrate)
3-Cardinal Richelieu - 1585 (Prime Minister of France)

Event :
1-First private rocket launched, The Conestoga 1, somewhere in the States. , 1982
2-Malaysia and China signed an agreement regarding the ship industry. , 1987
3-The 1st Malaysia Stamp Show, 1965

Hey. My College is doing something also. They will be holding a breaking fast with the Muslim students here. At least there's something in their calendar, right? I didn't notice this earlier before. I only noticed it earlier this morning. Maybe just a coincidence, right? Oh well.

So, get moving and do something good today. Not just today. Try to continue doing something good every single day. Make today as the beginning. Good luck then. Bye.

p/s : i thought i saw a putty cat. i did! i did! i saw a putty cat.

September 07, 2009

'MUST'aqim get'TAG'ged

Huahaha.... The title says it all. The season of tagging just came back. i got tagged by Mus. Sorry Mus, lambat perasan. Tapi bagus lah tu. Maksudnya aku ni tak cepat perasan orangnya. hihih... Ok, lets get to business. Start tagging. Owh. I forgot. Did i mention that i was the first one being mentioned by Mus. I guess i'm somekind of VIP, ha? Hakhakhak..... Ok then. Here goes nothing.

1. Anda rasa anda hot?
Pale HOTtak ade la.

2. Upload gambar kesayangan anda?

3. Kenapa anda suka/sayang gambar ni?
Ni antara gambar kucing2 yang pernah ada kat rumah aku. Gambar antara kucing yang aku sayang. Kira gambar kesayangan lah tu kan?

4. Adhwa saje je tak nak bagi kt Mus. Huahaha...

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Mujahid Setia by Shoutul Harokah. "Nyahkan rasa takut dan gentar...Walau raga kan meregang nyawa..."

6. Sama la ngan no. 4

7. Selain dari nama anda sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan nama apa?

8. Tag lagi 7 orang tanpa kekesalan.
-semua dah kene tag, nak tag cane ni?

Well, done with the tagging. Here's an interesting stuff i bumped into last night. Well, maybe not really 'bumped into' because i purposely go there. I went out to get a nice beef burger and some fries. While waiting for those two, i went to get some rations. I was a bit surprised when i found that Munchy's wafer sticks sells lesser compared to its competitor. i bought the other brand last week, so i decided to try the Munchy's one. Ok. Lets keep the wafer sticks aside for awhile. i'll tell you a surprise about them at the end of this post.

Then, i waited for the burger and fries. Just when i payed for the two, the brother asked me whether i already have the card or not. i answered yes,of course. It's been quite some time since i last bought a burger there. So, he took a card placed on the upper tier of the stall. Then he took a stamp out. i mean, a rubber stamp, not the stamp for postal services. He stamped the card and handed it to me, and explained the privileges i get from the card. Check out the card and try to guess what it's for?

The big surprise for me this week. The reward card!

Well, what do you know, even a burger stall have a reward system now. It's the system where we get a stamp for every burger we purchased. Way to go! That's how it should be. Try to attract as many customers as you can. That's just how business works. Keep coming with fresh ideas and your customers won't go away. Maybe they could start selling burgers online, because most people nowadays enjoy shopping online.

Sorry for the quality for all the pictures here. the cat pic was shot by Canon PowerShot A40 and for the cards, they were taken by my phone's camera, Nokia 2600 Classic. Until next time then.

September 04, 2009

Luahan Hati Seorang Lelaki

Salam. Risham nak cerita sikit lah hari ni. Hari ni Risham nak kongsi dan luahkan perasaan sikit-sikit. Sikit-sikit dah lah. Mana boleh banyak-banyak, pecah rahsia. Huahaha... Apa yang bakal Risham luahkan ni datang jauh dari lubuk hati, ikhlas buat pembaca-pembaca yang setia membaca blog ni. Sebelum tu, jutaan terima kasih Risham ucapkan kepada ANDA! Ya, ANDA! Terima kasih daun keladi kerana masih membaca blog ni walaupun Risham suka aiskrim keladi. (ada kaitan ke takde kaitan ke, nak sebut gak. tak kire2x)

Sebenarnya, Risham ada minat kat sorang ni yang berstatus 'amoi' atau bahasa lainnya 'leng loi'. Ha..... Apa? Risham pun ada perasaan pe. Tapi ada satu je masalahnya. Risham tak tahu macam mana nak dekat dengan dia ni. Macam mana nak mula, di mana, nak cakap apa, masa yang Risham pilih tu sesuai ke tak, rambut nampak smart ke tak....? Mungkin perkara-perkara ni nampak remeh, tapi bende2 nilah yang akan menentukan ape, bak kata omputih tu 'first impression' dan itulah yang akan menentukan perhubungan itu boleh ke tahap seterusnya ke tidak.

Tambahan pulak, Risham bukan selalu nampak dia ni. Kelas lain2, course lain, jantina lain. Eh, memanglah lain. Untuk rekod, Risham 'straight' ok. Ulang... 'Straaiight'. Ok. Berbalik kepada topik. Lagi, Risham kalau orang2 baru nak kenal agak susah la. Bukan orang yang susah nak kenal Risham, Risham yang susah nak kenal orang. Ada beberapa senario atau situasi yang Risham susah nak rapat ngan orang dan sebaliknya. Dah jadi macam 'Chlamydomonas' pulak, kene tunggu 'certain' keadaan yang sesuai.

Mungkin jugak Risham ni kurang pengetahuan pasal nak 'tackle2' orang perempuan ni. Bukan senang,(pada Risham lah) nak tahu apa yang orang perempuan ni nak. Kalau bini tu mungkin lah senang. Kita skang cakap pasal awek atau member2 yang kita kenal. Macam satu dialog dalam filem Sepet, berkata mak Orked kepada bapak Orked, "Your job is to love us, not understand us." Dia sendiri ngaku laki dia tak payah paham dia, dan seolah-olah takkan paham pun.

Jadi, pengajarannya, janganlah jadi macam Risham. Sampai sekarang tak tahu nak buat apa. Tapi. Risham nak kongsi sedikit apa yang Risham tahu. Kalau anda perempuan, dan tak nak jadi macam Risham, sampai sekarang takde teman istimewa, anda kini boleh dapatkan buku Panduan Cinta.

Buku ni sebenarnya ditulis oleh 'senior' Risham masa kat sekolah menengah dulu. Dia ni memang berbakat dalam bidang-bidang menulis ni. Dalam buku ni ada diterangkan macam mana cara-cara untuk anda 'tackle' laki-laki yang anda dah lama target nak kenal, kawan-kawan, atau 'crush' baru yang jumpa dalam kelas ke. Maklumlah, Risham sekarang masuk semester baru.

Kalau ANDA perempuan, wanita, ingin mendapatkan teman istimewa, INILAH BUKUNYA.
Risham sendiri dah baca buku ni. Memang hebat. Terkena batang hidung sendiri gak. Banyak rahsia tipikal lelaki dibongkar. Dan jangan tak tahu!! Memang ramai lelaki adalah jenis tipikal dari segi tingkah laku. Atau anda boleh pergi ke laman PanduanCinta untuk lebih banyak testimoni dan fakta menarik.

Buku ni pun ada sediakan tips-tips menjaga perhubungan. So, bukan setakat untuk yang baru nak bercinta je. Yang dah ada teman, yang dah kahwin, hatta yang dah ada anak 5 sekalipun boleh baca buku ni. Salah satu tips penting yang ada dalam buku PanduanCinta ni ialah macam mana nak ikat si dia supaya setia sepanjang masa.

Akhir kata, berusahalah bersungguh-sungguh mendapatkan apa yang anda mahukan, samada cinta, pelajaran, mahupun wang. Selamat berusaha mendapatkan cinta si dia. Terimalah sedikit mutiara kata dari Risham.

"Chances come in various ways and forms. Once you identify it, grab it and don't ever let go of it"


Least RAM Usage : Chrome vs Netscape Browsers

Salam. Hi. We meet again. I have yet again completed another small research that i have conducted recently. In my previous posts i have compared Firefox with Chrome and Opera with Chrome. We have seen that there's not many differences between those browsers. Indeed, so far, there's no winner yet. Plus, i haven't tried and compared ALL the browsers available.

Well, this time i'm comparing the newest release of the first ever known web browser, Netscape Navigator 9 with Google Chrome. Why Chrome again? Well, to put it in a simple way, i keep the winner in my computer. That's the original purpose of me doing this. At the same time, i get to share a little experience with you guys. I need it because i love to open so many tabs at once.

What did i do, you ask? Well, recently i keep searching for products online. I kind of like how online shopping works. For example, i found out that offer a great hosting service with little fee. Exabytes is the best if you're looking a server in Malaysia as host for your site. Yes, i'm thinking of paying for a domain and host, but not now. Maybe later. I kind of love doing auction these days. I was surprised that there's even life insurance sold online!

I'm also currently looking for new shoes for Hari Raya or Eid. I'm looking for a Nike shoes. I have been dreaming for Nike shoes since last year. Because i'm a bit busy, so i go online for promotions. Talking about promotions, i want to promote by business here. It's a prepaid topup business. So literally, i sell topups. If you're interested in becoming an agent, feel free to contact me at or just click here for immediate FREE signup.
Any phone will do. But, i use Nokia. I prefer Nokia because it's easier to use, less features. Okay, back to the topic. Here are the standard procedures again :

1. Open installed Netscape and Chrome
2. opened 2 tabs in each browser
3. typed in "" and "" in respective tabs for both browsers
4. waited for all pages to continue loading.
5. opened Windows Task Manager
6. opened the Processes Tab, and arrange them by name
7. searched for netscape.exe and chrome.exe
8. Done!

The results are :

Netscape - 33,*** KB
Chrome - 29,*** KB

And once again, Chrome has defeated another browser in this little researched conducted. Looks like i'll continue visiting Exabytes, search for Nike shoes and promote my business using Chrome. And i'll continue to shop online for shoes, clothing, souvenirs, etc.Netscape actually did have a nice UI. I'm impressed. It's originality does shows.

Well then, tune in again next time for another research. Till next time.


September 03, 2009

Sasterawan Amil Jaya Meninggal Dunia

Semalam, 2 September 2009 di Kota Belud, Sabah, Amil Jaya atau nama sebenarnya Datuk Ismail Abbas telah menghembuskan nafas terakhir pada pukul 4.20 petang. Allahyarham, 69 tahun, meninggalkan seorang balu dan enam orang anak. Allahyarham merupakan seorang yang aktif dalam bidang sastera atau lebih spesifik penulisan novel.

Dilahirkan di Kampung Pirasan, Kota Belud pada 5 November 1939, beliau pernah menjadi guru, kemudian guru besar dan pensyarah.

Antara pencapaian beliau adalah Anugerah Penghargaan Penulis daripada Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka cawangan Sabah,1987 dan Anugerah Sastera Sabah yang pertama daripada kerajaan negeri Sabah,1990.

Antara karya novel yang ditulis Ismail Abbas ialah :
1. Cerah,1976
2. Ngau,1979
3. Herwan Anak Kembara,1982
4. Yanti Si Anak Laut,1986
5. Bagaton,1987

Lagi berita menyedihkan.

Ibu kepada Timbalan Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum, Che Som Ibrahim, 82 meninggal pada kira-kira jam 8.30 pagi tadi akibat komplikasi sakit jantung. Beliau dimasukkan ke Pusat Perubatan Kedah (KMC) di Jitra sejak dua minggu lepas dan dilaporkan sakit tenat pada pukul 5 pagi tadi.

Sumber 1 :
Sumber 2 :

Risham terasa nak kongsi sedikit cerita. Risham pun ada tulis cerita. Tapi cerpen je lah.Kalau sudi, sila download fail PDF di bawah.

Terima kasih.

September 01, 2009

Dia dan Rumah Setan

Cahaya terang menembusi celahan-celahan itu. Terperangkap antara dua dunia yang pasti wujud tiada ragu, tiada soal. Bunyian nyaring memecah perangkap itu, menarik dia keluar, keluar ke alam yang masih bernyawa, masih menguji, walau usianya sudah berlipat kali ganda daripada usia dia. Gerakan separa laju mencapai alat itu, alat yang kini berdekatan dengan mesin bodoh itu. Ditekan punat yang ada, mematikan bunyian nyaring yang agak menjengkelkan. Ah! Salah punat pula. Ditekan lagi beberapa kali, bunyian itu pasti mati, hingga sore nanti.

Memang itu tujuannya. Bunyi yang menjengkelkan sengaja dijadualkan berbunyi. Agar tak terlepas, tak kesiangan. Pagi itu terasa indah nian. Langit seakan-akan indigo berselang awan yang kurang putih di waktu itu. Mungkin tak seputih pencuci pakaian, tapi cukup memuaskan hati dia yang kini ingin meneruskan agenda yang seterusnya. Rumah setan itu digunakan. Mencari air, mencari sesuatu. Ah! Kenapa tidak terfikir oleh dia? Kan ada satu mangkuk besi di luar? Apa nak buat. Nasi dah jadi bubur.

Benda putih pencemar alam berbalut merah penunggu dunia atas meja usang yang jadi tempat hampir segalanya, dicapai, diangkat. Terasa janggal benar. Seperti ada yang kurang. Sudah jadi resam musafir di negeri orang. Dia teruskan. Eh! Belum lagi meneguk cecair coklat 10saat. Oh, sempat lagi. Dibancuh, diminum, rokok ungu dalam bekas pencemar alam berbentuk silinder dicapai. Dibawa ke mulut seraya menekan punat pada mesin bodoh itu.

Sesekali terkenang dia. Mengapa dibayar kudapan dalam bekas pencemar alam warna jingga itu. Mungkin kerana di bulan mulia ini lidah dia mengidam manisan. Kalau di rumah ada mesin angkut. Sayang, di situ tiada apa untuknya, miliknya. Terlintas dia akan apa yang akan dibuatnya dalam tempoh baru ini. Banyak-kah, sedikit-kah, dia tidak tahu. Belum diputus. Yang satu itu pasti, yang dua itu juga mesti, yang tiga itu harus dan diutamakan. Yang selebihnya, seperti biasa, seperti sebelumnya, dicapai sepanjang di situ.

Dia kaget. Hei! Sudahlah tu. Dia hancurkan menara lamunannya sendiri. Bangkit, bangun, bergerak.