August 31, 2009

Least RAM Usage : Chrome vs Opera


Once again, i have done a little research on the topic 'least RAM usage' and this time, i compared these two popular browsers by the demand of a reader. It's Chrome vs Opera 9.64. And this time, it's not the portable version because i'm using my father's computer, and not my friend's. I started out with Chrome vs Firefox : Portable and now moving on to the second series of my research. Well, the results are not very surprising, but it was a close fight.

First, i downloaded the Opera installer, installed it and the fun begins! Here's the steps i've taken in this series.

1. open Opera.
2. open two tabs and typed in "" and ""
3. open Chrome.
4. (repeated step 2)
5. open Windows Task Manager, clicked the 'Processes' tab.
6. arranged the processes according to name(makes it easier to search for)
7. searched for 'chrome.exe' and 'opera.exe'
8. memorized the RAM usage.

So, which one do you think wins? How about a guess? Just guess. Anything. Yeah, guessing have 50% of either right or wrong. So, it's not worth of guessing right? Ok. Before i continue, here's some things i noticed about both browsers.

Opera loads pretty fast. It loads completely faster than Chrome. Wow! I was quite impressed. But then, after a close inspection, it didn't load every object in the homepage. Chrome on the other hand did took a longer loading time, but did load every object successfully.

In the end,here's the results :

Opera - 33,*** KB
Chrome - 27,*** KB

I told you it was a close one. They're just about 6,000KB different. Both browsers are great, the appearances are great, easy to navigate, and much more. Not just these two, it applies to other popular browsers too. Of course, the ones i've used only; Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari(i'm aiming to buy a Mac). I haven't tried Netscape yet, but will do so as soon as i remembers to do so.

Well then, that's all for this series. Tune in again next time for comparisons on other browsers.!
Bye then.


August 19, 2009

Tan Hong Ming

Salam. Before you continue reading, i want to remind all of you that you must follow whatever i say in this article. So, do we have a deal? Ok. I trust you. Here's the deal. You must read this article carefully and in order. What i mean is you must finish every single line before you move on to the next line. This article really need that.

Ok. Now i want you to watch this video below. I first watched it a couple of days ago, in the television. Please, watch this video first, then move on to the next line, or scroll down, literally. Even if you have watched this video before, please do watch it again. It's worth waiting for isn't it? While you wait for the video to fully load, i suggest you read my other posts in a new tab or just surf the Net for newspapers, football, anything you can think of. Remember, watch it first, then scroll further down. Oh. One more thing. Keep an eye for every reaction the actor give. Keep the expressions in mind.

Done? Great. i believe you're true to yourself, by watching the video till the very end. The video, as you has watched, a TV commercial for PETRONAS, Malaysia's fuel company. And i was told that it was produced by the late Yasmin Ahmad, who passed away a few weeks ago. i was also told that the commercial was actually an interview. Yasmin Ahmad, the director intended to interview the best friends and make it as a commercial for Malaysia's Independence Day or in Bahasa is 'Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia'.

The commercial, i believe was intended to show that we, Malaysians are now one community, one society. There is no differentiating or discriminating(which also means differentiating or sorting) between us anymore. We are now members of the country and are responsible for its well being. We only discriminate between the good and evil, or good and bad, nice or naughty.

Do you still have the expression in mind? Tan Hong Ming was very very shocked to hear Umi Qazrina's answer. He probably said to himself, "What? What an idiot I am. How can I not notice it earlier? I should have told her earlier. Oh God, thank you for this blessing." Yeah. He was very shocked and probably embarrassed that he decided to take her hand and completely ignore the camera rolling!

Oh, how i wish i could be him. Shocked with no words to describe the situation. Hah. But the problem is, i don't even have a best friend who happens to be a girl. Yeah, i do have someone in mind, but i guess i'm just like Hong Ming. Afraid that the whole world would know and she doesn't even like me. i do wish i have the same situation as him. But, hey. That's primary school. And i'm in college. That's a different degree of level of education. Plus the mind setting, how they are raised and what ideology the child has developed with the amount of years they have lived. i guess those won't happen to me. If it does, maybe i'll end up like this. Almost the same as Hong Ming.

Until next time then.

What Your Blogs Should Have : Part 2

Salam. Hi. Welcome back to this series. In this part, i'll continue from where i left earlier. Previously, i've commented on the service, the theme and choice of color and appearances. Here's the part 2.

Since you have chosen the themes, you should know what to type. Get an idea of what you want to tell your readers about. But then, if you're still confused of what to type even after days of brainstorming, just type about your life. Writing about your life will bring you lots of traffic. It gets better if you're a hot guy or girl. People (or should i say your secret admirers) certainly will read about your life. Maybe it's just me, but Malaysians do love to read other people's stories, about their lives. This also means that your posts or articles also need a theme. My theme here is 'whatever i think of typing'.

Next, you need to boost your traffic. At early stages, family members and close friends are the ones who will unconditionally read your blogs. But then, after some time, some of us will have the urge to boost their traffic and reach a more global group of readers. You can try and submit your URL to various websites that offer exchanging links, or where people practices "i read yours, you read mine" policy. It's not a big secret. You can just Google for them. I won't give you the links here because i obviously don't want to advertise them for free. No one does that anymore right?

Then, beautify your blog with necessary gadgets or widgets. The most crucial gadget/widget (to me) is the archive. Without the archive, the links to your older posts will be minimal. The only link to your older posts by default is the "Read older posts" link at the end of each posts/articles. Even that link doesn't stand out that much. You don't want your older posts to be dead, right? Make sure you supply you readers with necessary links and gadgets to move around your blog. Like the one i have here, i use navigation bar to help my readers go back to the homepage with ease.

And the last one, good luck in your blogging journey. May blogging be a joyous experience to all of us. Thank you for reading.

What Your Blogs Should Have : Part 1

August 14, 2009

Kerana Nila Setitik Rosak Susu Sebelanga


Hari ni Risham nak memperbincang peribahasa di atas yang saya jadikan tajuk. Perbincangan kali ini akan meliputi apa maksud peribahasa tersebut dan apa pengajaran yang boleh kita dapat daripadanya. Sebagai amaran awal, apa yang bakal saya taip adalah terjemahan saya sendiri. Ia tiada kaitan dengan mana-mana sarjana di Malaysia yang pernah menulis atau mengulas peribahasa tersebut dengan apa cara sekalipun, sama ada dalam kelas, ucapan, blog dan sebagainya.

Baiklah. Kita mulakan. Maksud peribahasa tersebut ialah kerana kesilapan, kecacatan atau kejahatan sesuatu yang kecil, habis seluruh keluarga, kumpulan, atau organisasi akan dipandang silap, cacat atau jahat. Ianya sedemikian rupa kerana apabila nila telah masuk atau bercampur dengan susu, warna susu tersebut akan berubah sedikit dan sudah tentu ia tidak dapat lagi di jual di pasar-pasar siang atau malam, mahupun kedai-kedai. Secara logik akalnya, tiada siapa yang mahu meminum susu yang sudah rosak walaupun pada asalnya susu tersebut tidak rosak, cuma tercampur dengan nila.

Peribahasa ini sering dijadikan sebagai satu ingatan kepada anak-anak muda supaya jangan bertindak bodoh, kelak seluruh keluarga menanggung malu. Ia juga kerap kali digunakan unutk tujuan yang sama, kepada murid-murid sekolah dan ahli masyarakat. Tetapi, pernahkah anda terfikir yang kemungkinan peribahasa ini dicipta bukan sekadar peringatan, tetapi juga sebagai pengajaran? Mari kita lihat mengapa saya berkata demikian.

Kalau kita lihat keadaan negara kita sekarang, ramai yang sudah berpelajaran tinggi. Ramai yang tampil secara sukarela untuk membantu membangunkan negara. Ramai yang membawa teknologi baru, teknik baru, malah ideologi baru untuk kita praktikkan bersama. Risham bukan mengatakan mereka tidak bagus. Idea-idea baru yang kita lihat sekarang amat bernas. Risham sendiri tidak pernah terfikir untuk berbuat demikian. Cuma, kalau pelajaran yang lama masih belum betul, bagaimana hendak menerima yang baru?

Begini. Apabila orang A membuat kesalahan, pihak lawan, kumpulan kepada orang Z akan marah. Begitu juga sebaliknya. Peribahasa tersebut bukan saja mengingatkan kita bahawa jangan jadi nila itu, tetapi kita juga hendaklah mengelak daripada menjadi orang yang melihat susu itu rosak kerana nila yang setitik. Mentaliti seperti ini harus dihindari. Kita namakan orang yang melihat susu itu rosak kerana nila setitik sebagai orang L.

Kini, kalau kita lihat situasi politik negara, rakyat sudah mula sedar akan tanggungjawab mengundi yang mereka miliki sejak dari dulu lagi. Tetapi, adakah kita, sebagai pengundi, menggunakannya sebaik mungkin? Pada saya, mengundi parti adalah satu tindakan yang kurang bijak. Kita mahukan orang yang betul-betul komited dengan kerjaya yang dipilih. Bukan parti.

Berbalik kepada perihal maksud peribahasa tadi. Sebenarnya, kita sudah menjadi orang N. Dalam memilih pemimpin, kita mestilah memilih pemimpin yang betul-betul komited dengan kerjanya, iaitu berkhidmat unutk rakyat setempat. Sebagai wakil kepada masyarakat setempat.
Jadi, secara ringkasnya, kita memilih pemimpin yang buat kerja dengan betul. Bukan yang makan gaji buta.

Tetapi, apa yang Risham lihat sekarang ialah kita semakin taksub dengan parti-parti yang ada. Hanya kerana pemimpin yang korup itu dari parti A, kita benci kepada seluruh parti A. Nah, kita dah jadi orang L! Apabila kita sudah menjadi golongan L, maka kita taklah sehebat mahupun sebetul mana. Kerana, tidak semestinya seluruh parti A itu korup. Kita seharusnya berfikir panjang sebelum membuat sebarang keputusan.

Sebagai penutup, sekali lagi ingin Risham tekankan di sini bahawa segala yang tecatat dalam artikel ini adalah buah fikiran Risham semata-mata ; tanpa ada pengaruh daripada mana-mana pihak sekalipun. Nama-nama yang digunakan juga tiada kaitan dengan yang mati atau yang masih hidup. Ia sekadar contoh semata-mata.


August 13, 2009

Kes Buang Bayi Di SBP


Hari ini Malaysia digemparkan dengan berita penemuan mayat seorang bayi yang masih berlumuran darah dan bertali pusat di dalam salah sebuah tandas di sebuah sekolah berasrama penuh di timur Malaysia.

Terkejut juga Risham bila dengar berita ni. Hebat betul budak-budak SBP zaman sekarang ; kalau betullah murid-murid yang melakukan jenayah ni. Takut juga sebab adik aku pun belajar di asrama juga.

Mayat bayi tersebut dijumpai di atas tangki simbah dalam tandas di Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena atau lebih dikenali sebagai SAINA. Mayat bayi tersebut dijumpai pagi tadi dan seorang tukang cuci di sekolah terbabit sudah ditahan reman untuk membantu siasatan.

Negara juga dikejutkan dengan berita pemergian vokalis utama kumpulan nasyid terkenal negara, Ustaz Asri Rabbani atau nama penuhnya Mohamad Asri Bin Ibrahim yang rebah secara tiba-tiba semasa sedang membuat rakaman program Syahadah terbitan RTM kira-kira 11.15 pagi tadi. Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, klik di sini untuk berita penuh di

Ustaz Asri menghidap penyakit darah tinggi dan kencing manis. Sebelum ke lokasi rakaman, allahyarham ada mengadu sakit tetapi tetap ingin meneruskan penggambaran.

Antara lagu-lagu Rabbani yang Risham minat ialah 'Pergi Tak Kembali', 'Intifada', dan 'Apa Yang Kau Tahu'. Risham memang sangat terkejut bila dengar gerita ni dari status "YM" kawan Risham. Mula-mula tak nak percaya. Tapi bila dah keluar dalam Buletin Utama, dah sahlah apa yang kawan Risham tu cakapkan.
~Gambar Hiasan~

Bukan apa, baru-baru ni Risham ada menghadiri Konsert Antara Dunia di Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. Risham tengok Ustaz Asri tu nampak sihat je. Bersemangat lagi nak buat persembahan. Tapi apakan daya. Pepatah lama ada mengatakan, malang tak berbau. Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. Marilah kita sama-sama ingat kembali yang kita boleh kembali ke pangkuan-Nya bila-bila masa saja.

Risham : Ada kenal seorang cikgu yang pernah mengajar di SAINA.

August 12, 2009

What Your Blogs Should Have : Part 1

Hi. Today i'm going to discuss with you about what you should have on your blog. Writing (or typing, literally) is as you know, looks very simple. You just have to login to your blog account like Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal or many more (are there really many more?). Oh, i almost forgot that i once had a blog in Friendster. i was like 13 years old when i got that actually. Anyways, i'll share my experience so far, in this blogging industry. (wow, blogging sounds like a property when i use the word 'industry')

Before i start, i want to warn you that everything that i'm about to type is not solely my idea. There are some ideas that i 'borrowed' from a little neat blue book i bought a couple of years ago.
Hey! i'm still a student, okay. Of course i plagiarize sometimes. Student always did. We tend to do so. It's only a matter of submitting the plagiarized materials or not. Okay. Back to business.

First, get a blogging service provider! It's so obvious. Like this site, i use You can see the "Powered by Blogger" button at the very end of this page. Wo! Hold it there. Don't scroll now. Keep reading these tips first. You can check out the button later. Ok. Get a service provider, create an account, and walla! You can start right away. Usually your service provider will explain more on getting started.

Second, choose a template. Or a theme. Different sites use different names. try to figure that out yourself. Don't be so lazy! i'll use the word theme because it's shorter and easier to type. Your template will determine whether your readers will come to your site again or not. If your site looks messy and it's difficult to read, you better stop blogging. People come to your site to read something, not strain their eyes. Most important choose the one you like coz' you're the one who's going to visit it the most. Trust me, you WILL.

Third, make sure the theme chosen has minimum. (this is where i plagiarize) Try to avoid too many core colors or too many columns in it. Too many colors will make the loading time longer and too many columns will make the site look like an Excel file! The maximum advised by me, is 3. 3 columns or 3 colors. Don't go beyond that. You can experiment if you like. Try browsing into your favorite site. Check the core colors and columns. You'll get what i mean.

Okay. That's it for part 1. i'll get the part 2 done when i'm not busy. Yeah i'm on holiday, so what? i'm a human and i need rest too. and i don't spam, ok. Tune in again for part 2. Bye now.

August 11, 2009

The shop isn't open yet.


What do you know. The shop isn't open yet. There are so many things that i wanted to do this holiday but because of i can't get my computer, it won't be much fun anymore. This site may have sudden freeze because of that. So sorry to say this this but, the shop is hopeless. How can a very simple thing, can be found almost anywhere, is out of stock? Ok, i understand that it takes time to get the original one. But hey. Who ask you to open up a shop if you don't have the items?

How stupid is that? At first glance, they look like a bunch of professionals, but then, they just don't get it. They don't know how important these things have become nowadays. Even the slightest defect can cause big problem.
ok. done.

OK. Lets talk aboout this game. i first knew this game is on the year 2003. It's the start of online-gaming-madness among my fellow friends and i'm quite sure among kids of my age. The cute little characters really made kids enjoy the game very much. Yes, some would say it's boring because of the gameplay. But, if you team up with other people against monster bosses, the fun is definitely there!

Well, i'll try to play it again this holiday. AnthemRO seems like a fun server to enter. The drop rate is not excessively massive(which means i get to level up very fast), where in some cases, kill a Poring and level up froom 1 to 10! maybe i'm not too good at it, but still, cheating and so on is not the best way to get the enjoyment.

Huh. It's tiring trying to get this site better and better every time. Hope this new look gives a better opportunity to me.

August 09, 2009

Least RAM Usage : Chrome vs Firefox (Portable)


Today i'll share what i have researched shortly.
And the research is quite short actually.
The research is(drum rolling) :
(the drum is still rolling)
(again, it's still rolling)
Chrome vs Firefox (Portable Edition)!!!

i tried to compare both of the popular browsers.
the initial objective is to choose the least ram usage among the two.
just to make sure my computer(which i'm still waiting for the service center to call),
uses the least amount of ram at one time.
and, to try and make its lifetime longer.
So, here's the results(drum rolling) :
(drum rolling again)
(i know it's a bit annoying but i love the look on your face there, hah!)
maybe i'm not good at graphs, so i just type in the results.

Chrome : 12,*** kb
Firefox : 24,*** kb

And obviously the winner is Chrome! woohoo!!!
Congratulations to me for the success of determining the ram usage, which is quite a tedious procedure.

Here's the procedure :
1 : i opened both the browsers.
2 : typed to both browsers.
3 : waited until both browsers stopped loading.
4 : opened the task manager.
5 : clicked the 'processes' tab.
6 : searched for 'chrome.exe' and 'firefox.exe'
7 : walla! i'm done!

tedious isn't it? because i used Vista(the computer is definitely not mine) and it didn't open the task manager directly after the combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete. what kind of security is that?
that's why i love XP better.

Tune in again for more of my researches yet to come.
But for now, it's time to end this post.
See you again!


August 08, 2009

Give me reasons to continue!


One more mission to complete.
Got an adrenaline rush on portable apps right now.
And, genuine softwares.
Which means i'll try to install genuine softwares ONLY on my computer.
or, literally my dad's computer.
But, i still can't avoid using pirated games.
Yes, small games are downloadable, but not big ones.
Just one more, ONE!


August 07, 2009

MPW is Pro Wrestling???


Specially for SAM students!
Read the picture carefully...
Enjoy guys!
Looks like i'll have tough friends soon.


August 06, 2009

Kertas yang kosong.


Kertas yang kosong.
Di tangan manusia,
ia jadi segala.
surat, perjanjian, notis,
jawapan, pertanyaan, iklan.
dan jika dikumpulkan,
jadi buku, surat khabar, majalah,
nota, buku jawapan.

Di tangan yang salah,
ia jadi segala.
ugutan, cacian, kritikan,
fitnah, cerita bodoh.

Kertas yang kosong.
Isilah ia,
biarkan saja.
Kau yang pilih.

Teruskan mencuba kerana
*perjuanganmu belum selesai.

* - diambil daripada sajak Dr M yang bertajuk 'Melayu Mudah Lupa'


August 05, 2009

Tatkala sudah dikira.


Kerana sudah terlanjur.
terlanjur ku mengira nombor-nombor yang ada.
masa depan seakan terang.
tapi ku tiada kasyaf.
bukan juga ku seorang ulama.

akan ku cuba lagi.
biar hanya tingggal beberapa meter.
ku harus tabahi.
teruskan usaha.
usaha tak harus putus selagi nyawa dikandung badan.

rintangan tetap ada.
suara-suara kecil yang tajam.
tak setajam pedang mahupun jarum.
tajamnya tiada gambaran.
hanya pabila dirasai,
kan terasa tusukannya.


August 04, 2009

EBB just can't stop me!!!


EBB can't stop me from updating my blog.
You think you can stop me???
Not while i still have mt tutor beside me.
Guess what??
He's the one whom told me ways on how to bypass the EBB's security.
What's EBB you say?
It's the internet provider here in my college.
They think they must block FB and Blogger to encourage the students to revise for the finals.
They even blocked Google!!!
Sorry, ExtraBlurryBrothers.
I'll spread the word to my friends and get your server overloaded.
And this time, i'll try harder.
How sweet revenge is!!!


August 01, 2009

Pengembaraan di kala susah


Subuh hampir tamat.

Tak terasa.
Mungkin kerana badan yang berbisa.

Tiada bangkit.
Ku mengorak langkah walau sedikit.

Tidak sesak sudah.

Datuk beruniform ditanya.
Baru ku kenal Kuala Lumpur bagaimana rupa.

Jangan ditipu rakan-rakanku.
Kelak dicaci, kebenaran keluar.

Peringatan lagi.
Jangan diguna mukasurat itu sahaja.
Nanti dipatah mukasurat seterusnya.

Peringatan lagi-lagi.
Kalau nak keluar rumah, keluarlah.
Kalau mak bapak tak benarkan, nak keluar masih?

Lagi-lagi peringatan.
Nak ke tandas, minta dekat cikgu.
Nak jawab, angkat tangan.
Budak tadika pun tahu.

Pintu masih tertutup.
Berpusing kerana ku masih hidup.

Itu yang aku mahukan.
Kebah yang diharapkan.

Masih seperti dulu.
Menarik,tidak begitu?

Terkejut dengan panggilan.
Terima kasih atas kehadiran.

Masuk semula.
Hajat di hati ingin memiliki.
Keluar puas hati.

Ingin mengutip apa yang ditinggalkan.
Hampa, kesal, diriku minta dimaafkan.

Destinasi seterusnya.
Pusat popular untuk angkatan itu.
Ada yang jumpa, ada yang tidak begitu.

Tempat eksklusif nampak.
Macam harga tinggi nampak.

Makan sambungan.
Diminta pelik makanan.
Janji terisi, ku telan.

Panggilan lagi.
Ke konsert dicanang.
Ke sana bukan senang.

Aku agak kaget.
Di depan mata tokoh berjaket.

Konsert bersambung.
4 gergasi berpadu.
Jiran seberang memikat hatiku.

Selamat sampai tiada cela.
Terima kasih tak terperi kepada anda berdua.


Cadangan slogan baru Tourism Malaysia :
"If you haven't seen Malaysia, you haven't seen human."
"If you haven't seen Malaysia, you haven't seen mankind."

Malaysia is a multicultural country.
Malaysia, negara berbilang kaum.

Malaysia is a multiclothing country.
Malaysia, negara berbilang pakaian.

Malaysia kini boleh mengalahkan Harajuku.

Ramai rakan-rakanku yang lebih gemar berniaga.
Berniaga daging mentah.


Sweet Memories of Young Ages

Oh how i miss the memories of being young and never had the time to worry about whatever happens the next day or the day after next. All we had was just ourselves and what we wanted to do every single day. We only revise our subjects when we felt like doing so. We had a great time doing a deal of things we love to do. There's nothing there to stop us.

But now, as we get older, the world is not a fantasy anymore. What's really out there is now clear to us. So clear that some of us can even 'rule' the country at this very moment onwards. Maybe it's just me. I hope it's just me. Unfortunately it's not.

The only thing that i can do is keep trying. Never turn back. Keep on moving no matter how hard it gets day by day.